When asked about his three recent alcohol-related run-ins with the law, DDN reports that Republican State Rep. Jarrod Martin said: “I’ve never quit anything in my life, and I don’t plan to start now.”

It’s not clear if Martin was promising never to quit his career in politics or never to quit getting drunk and acting like an ass in public but, based on quotes from Martin included later in the article, it seems likely he meant both.

As we’ve reported multiple times, Martin was kicked out of a hotel for being drunk and fighting with his “friends”. He was also “found intoxicated and unresponsive in the House parking garage” having “passed out drunk on then-GOP Minority Leader’s William G. Batchelder’s Chevy Suburban.” And he was recently arrested after being suspected of driving drunk with his kids in his car.

According to Martin, he was found passed-out drunk on Batch’s car not because of the multiple drinks he admitted to consuming that evening, but because his alcohol consumption was “complicated by a medical issue.”

“I went to the doctor and got treatment”, Martin said. “It was taken care of.”

Notice Martin never admits he was drinking too much. Instead he claims his very-normal drinking was exacerbated by some “complicated” and unnamed medical condition.

If anyone ever publishes a book of excuses alcoholics use for their fucked up behavior, I can guarantee that this one is near the top of the list.

Later in the piece a very annoyed-sounding Martin proclaims “I quit drinking out at public functions a long time ago just because people start stupid rumors.”

Notice Martin never says he quit drinking. He just says he quit drinking in public. And not because he realized he had a problem or because he wanted to get more control over his life. He stopped drinking in public because other “people start stupid rumors.”

Stupid rumors. Yes. Of course. Rumors like…

Representative Martin gets drunk and passes out on cars. Or Rep. Martin gets in drunken friend-fights at hotels at 4AM and has to be picked up my his Mom. Or Rep. Martin drives around drunk with his kids in his car.

I can overlook the obvious conflict in Martin’s statements. Reading “I’ve never quit anything in my life” and “I quit drinking out at public functions” in the same article really makes me chuckle and doubt everything Martin says.

But the fact that Martin won’t admit that he has a drinking problem even after three drunken run-ins with the law is pretty unforgivable.

We all know that for every one incident we do know about, there are likely dozens of others in which the police were never involved.

I could forgive Martin for his known mistakes, assuming he’d ever admit he had made any. But instead he’s responded to questions about his drinking with excuses and denials, providing even more evidence that State Rep. Jarrod Martin’s drunken run-ins with the law point to a much bigger problem.

  • tvh

    The man has a problem, that’s clear. But I don’t think we suddenly hold him to a standard we would be unlikely to hold any other alcoholic too simply because he’s in elected office. Should he be kicked out?  Yes.  But to expect him to admit his mistakes and problems when he likely hasn’t is to deny the addiction and disease he faces.  I think that’s unfair.

  • Cathy

    Martin is my representative. He is up for re-election in 2012. I want his name on the ballot. He voted for SB 5 and many other conservative measures.  I would like to think that voters in my district would reject his bid for re-election and that a Democrat would be going to Columbus to take Martin’s place.

    On a personal level, I hope Martin is able to overcome what appears to be a serious problem; however, his public statements indicate he is not yet at a point where this would be possible. He most definitely should not be in the driver’s seat.

  • Annekarina

    Sad.  Makes one wonder.  If this is the best of the best that Ohio has to offer for service to the highest public service positions in this state, just the heck is going on?

  • Lacklandgd

    Just read the article about the Capitol Bar wanting to serve alcohol in the Statehouse basement.  This would be ONE reason NOT to expand that business to an alcohol serving establishment.  It’s one thing if he (Martin) wants to drink, but it’s yet another when he can leave his office and head downstairs to the Statehouse basement.  The first step in AA is admitting you have a problem….guess he’s not there yet.

  • I’m not even saying he should be kicked out, honestly.  He can work that out with party leadership and his family and determine what he thinks is best both personally and politically.   But 3 drunken, police-related incidents in a year is more than just bad luck.

  • Anonymous

    If Martin has a medical problem that causes alcohol to be improperly broken down and interferes with his ability to reason, then why is he drinking AT ALL?

  • stryx

    “I’ve never quit anything in my life, and I don’t plan to start now.”

    You know, I read something in the Bible about that

    As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool returns to his folly.

  • Modern Esquire

    “Fat, drunk, and passed out on my car is no way to go through life, son.”– Bill Batchelder (may not have actually occurred.)

    In other news, the Ohio GOP Chairman and Batch will call on Martin to resign, but nothing on Jordan?!?

  • Modern Esquire

    “Fat, drunk, and passed out on my car is no way to go through life, son.”– Bill Batchelder (may not have actually occurred.)

    In other news, the Ohio GOP Chairman and Batch will call on Martin to resign, but nothing on Jordan?!?

  • Random Thoughts

    If he were a teacher… or a firefighter… or a police officer… or a truck driver… or a construction worker… or any number of other things, he’d have lost his job about two drunken incidences ago. If you can’t follow the laws already established, then you shouldn’t be in the business of making new ones!

  • this is such a great post and one of those post to be read over and over again!

  • Natasha

    Let’s see –


    Its not OK with the Ohio
    GOP and the Speaker of the Ohio House for a state rep to get drunk (a lot) and
    do stupid, dangerous illegal things, even though he’s never been convicted of
    any drunkenness infraction.


    It is OK, however to,
    according tom the victim, have a few drinks and push your wife around (also a
    lot of times) while armed with a deadly-weapon and cause a police response to
    your home after a report from your wife of the legislators alleged domestic abuse
    of his wife. 

    What good are political parties, specifically the Ohio GOP  and the
    leadership in the legislature, if the legislators are not sanctioned for their
    misconduct or refuse to accountable to the party that put them in office?

    These two GOP legislators will want to run again as Republicans and collect
    campaign donations from Republicans, Republican Parties, and move up in the
    political world of Ohio GOP politics.

    Kasich might soon be able to show how politically impotent the O-GOP leadership (K. DeWine) really is and make the changes he wants in the O-GOP


    Qui Tacet Consentit

  • He quit being respectable some time ago.

  • He quit being respectable some time ago.

  • He quit being respectable some time ago.

  • I do not understand why people aren’t calling for Jordan’s resignation. As for Martin, I suspect he is an abuser, too: “Martin was kicked out of a hotel for being drunk and fighting with his “friends”.” 

  • Anonymous

    What’s upsetting about this is that someone so willfully in denial about his personal behavior can also be in denial about his political behavior and its impact. This guy needs to step off the public stage and figure out why he keeps getting in these jams and what he should do about it. Meanwhile, he should not be making policy and law for the rest of us.

  • Annekarina

    Well….there’s always glass houses.

  • Anonymous

    Typical pseudo-macho Repub.
    It’s an epidemic with the GOP.
    Read: King Kasich, W, and Rick Perry, the latest in a long-line who Martin pretends to imitate.

  • Adrienne

    “There are no rules.” These are the words spoken by a  TGOP er and seem to apply. There seem to be rules for everyone else who isn’t an R or rotten richie. 

    Why do people vote for these “persons” again?

  • Hungry Coyote

    People at AA meetings will tell you Martin is traveling on that river in Africa, it’s called “Da Nile”.

  • Hungry Coyote

    Well spoken.

  • Hungry Coyote

    I don’t understand why peoples statehouse needs a bar or a liquor license? This building is for taking care of state business. If these people need to wet their whistle can’t they go to the corner bar? My employer doesn’t provide a bar for the employees, we’re there to work. Just goes to show what the priorities are down in the state house.

  • Hungry Coyote

    True dat.

  • We all have to work hard to get these jack asses ousted!!

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