When asked about his three recent alcohol-related run-ins with the law, DDN reports that Republican State Rep. Jarrod Martin said: “I’ve never quit anything in my life, and I don’t plan to start now.”

It’s not clear if Martin was promising never to quit his career in politics or never to quit getting drunk and acting like an ass in public but, based on quotes from Martin included later in the article, it seems likely he meant both.

As we’ve reported multiple times, Martin was kicked out of a hotel for being drunk and fighting with his “friends”. He was also “found intoxicated and unresponsive in the House parking garage” having “passed out drunk on then-GOP Minority Leader’s William G. Batchelder’s Chevy Suburban.” And he was recently arrested after being suspected of driving drunk with his kids in his car.

According to Martin, he was found passed-out drunk on Batch’s car not because of the multiple drinks he admitted to consuming that evening, but because his alcohol consumption was “complicated by a medical issue.”

“I went to the doctor and got treatment”, Martin said. “It was taken care of.”

Notice Martin never admits he was drinking too much. Instead he claims his very-normal drinking was exacerbated by some “complicated” and unnamed medical condition.

If anyone ever publishes a book of excuses alcoholics use for their fucked up behavior, I can guarantee that this one is near the top of the list.

Later in the piece a very annoyed-sounding Martin proclaims “I quit drinking out at public functions a long time ago just because people start stupid rumors.”

Notice Martin never says he quit drinking. He just says he quit drinking in public. And not because he realized he had a problem or because he wanted to get more control over his life. He stopped drinking in public because other “people start stupid rumors.”

Stupid rumors. Yes. Of course. Rumors like…

Representative Martin gets drunk and passes out on cars. Or Rep. Martin gets in drunken friend-fights at hotels at 4AM and has to be picked up my his Mom. Or Rep. Martin drives around drunk with his kids in his car.

I can overlook the obvious conflict in Martin’s statements. Reading “I’ve never quit anything in my life” and “I quit drinking out at public functions” in the same article really makes me chuckle and doubt everything Martin says.

But the fact that Martin won’t admit that he has a drinking problem even after three drunken run-ins with the law is pretty unforgivable.

We all know that for every one incident we do know about, there are likely dozens of others in which the police were never involved.

I could forgive Martin for his known mistakes, assuming he’d ever admit he had made any. But instead he’s responded to questions about his drinking with excuses and denials, providing even more evidence that State Rep. Jarrod Martin’s drunken run-ins with the law point to a much bigger problem.