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In 2010 Ed FitzGerald defeated Matt Dolan by a measure of two to one to win the race to be County Executive of Cuyahoga County.    Or, as I like to view it, FitzGerald won the high risk, low reward opportunity to clean up the mess that a bunch of knuckleheads who thought they were gangsters left behind for him. Even though FitzGerald was one of the only bright spots on election night in 2010, I still thought he probably had an up-hill climb that was littered with political landmines just waiting to explode.

In the last year and five months […]

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34 resumes have vanished into thin air and no one knows where they went. Josh Mandel’s Treasurers office is now reporting that the office cannot locate the resumes of 34 political cronies and friends that Mandel hired to fill positions after winning election in 2010. These resumes are the Area 51 of this entire circus – we assume that they existed at one point but now we are told that if they do exist the Treasurer’s office says they do not have the slightest clue where they are so stop asking us and go away.

Now that […]

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I know this is going to come as a shocker to some of you but it seems that Josh Mandel might be hiding something from the public. Right, I know. You never saw that coming.

According to information released by the Ohio Democratic Party (ODP) multiple public records requests, relating to resumes of 34 staffers, have gone unanswered by the Treasurer’s office since April of 2011.

Recently, reports have surfaced that Mandel has a slight cronyism problem on his hands. Mandel hired numerous campaign staffers to fill high-level positions directly after taking office. Many of these staffers […]

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I swear Josh Mandel is on a mission to melt my brain. Seriously. I think he just continues to do/say insane things to try and drive me crazy.  He isn’t going to quit until my brain is reduced to a soup like substance that just sits in my skull.

Every week it’s a new thing. Last week it was hiring political cronies to fill cushy jobs in the Treasurer’s office. Prior to that it was raising campaign funds from loan sharks and before that it was about him not doing the job he was elected to do.


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Within days of news developing that Treasure Josh Mandel hired young and inexperienced campaign staffers to fill top-ranking positions in the Treasurer’s office, new information has come to light that Mandel sent his top debt management director to a beginner’s course on the topic in early 2011.

Huffington Post reported yesterday that Joe Aquilino, 26-years –old at the time, attended a seminar on the fundamentals of municipal bond law in April of 2011 at the National Association of Bond Lawyers conference. He attended as Ohio’s director of debt management.

Historically, Ohio’s debt management director works with the state’s […]

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2010 Josh Mandel seemed to be very concerned about the quality of individuals working in then Treasurer Kevin Boyce’s office. In fact, some might even say 2010 Josh Mandel made this the top issue of his campaign against Kevin Boyce.

Repeatedly, Mandel made claims that Boyce hired individuals  that were unqualified to be serving in the Treasurer’s office and were a risk to the assets that the office oversees. Mandel also pledged to operate differently if elected to office.

Of course, don’t take my biased, liberal word on the matter. Just listen to Josh Mandel explain how serious he is […]

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Josh Mandel hired inexperienced campaign staff to fill multiple positions in the Treasurer’s office after defeating Kevin Boyce in 2010. In a brazen display of cronyism, former campaign staffers, donors, and even interns were picked to fill high-ranking positions throughout the Treasurer’s office, many of whom have already left to join Mandel’s Senate campaign.

This weekend, the Dayton Daily News released a report examining the cronyism in the Treasurer’s office by reviewing personnel files and other records from Mandel’s office. The report found that, as Treasurer, Mandel hired young and inexperienced staff from his campaign to fill multiple positions […]

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The first Board of Deposits meeting Josh Mandel has attended since being elected Treasurer ended up being a newsworthy event. Not because Mandel finally decided to do his job, it was because of the actions he took during the meeting.

Mandel announced yesterday that he had formally replaced two banks charged with fraud that were contracted to manage $41 billion of international assets held by Ohio’s four largest public pension systems. According to the Dayton Daily News, the banks Mandel is replacing have bilked the State of Ohio out of $16 million dollars already. The Board moved to transfer […]

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Remember that time we asked where in the world Josh Mandel was? Well, we can add another destination to the list –  according to the Plain Dealer last Friday Mandel flew to the Bahamas for a fundraiser and to address the pay day lending industry.

That’s the same pay day lending industry that not that long ago was attacked for charging interest rates as high as 391 percent that cause their clients to fall into a cycle of never ending debt.

Payday lenders typically provide loans for people who need cash before their paychecks arrive and cannot get or […]

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You have to hand it to Republicans for being consistent. Even in the face of cold hard facts that prove their claims to be 100 percent wrong they will continue to believe them no matter what. Take for example the auto bailout. The Obama administration’s bailout of the auto industry has worked. Period. Unless you are Josh Mandel, in which case up is down and you think it hasn’t work.

The New York Times reported just last month that there are 1.45 million people currently employed in the auto industry  that received the $80 billion bailout, according to the […]

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Reports continue to surface that call into question Josh Mandel’s willingness to do the job he was elected by Ohioans to do. As we reported last week Josh Mandel has a problem showing up to Board of Deposits meetings since being elected Treasurer in 2010. By ‘problem’ I mean not once has he made it to one of the monthly Board of Deposits meetings since taking office in 2010. He is O for 14.

Why hasn’t Mandel made it to a single Board of Deposits meeting yet? Well, that’s the thing, no one can figure out why. What we […]

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