Back in late 2009, Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine put together a 10 point plan that he hoped would help restore the “conservative credibility” of the Republican party in Ohio.

“The Republican Party has lost its credibility,” wrote DeWine. “We were the party of ethics and morality until our elected officials became symbolic of scandal and corruption,” he said. And “voters did not reject our conservative ideology… they rejected our hypocrisy.”

The final step of his plan was to “Enforce a zero-tolerance policy for misconduct”

Our party historically upheld the highest standard for ethics and morality in government, but most voters know us better for our hypocrisy. Not an election goes by without a major scandal involving a prominent Republican figure.

We cannot continue to campaign on a higher standard of government if we fail to uphold it, so we must adopt a zero tolerance policy for any candidate or elected official who crosses the line.

Jump ahead to this Spring.

In April, Robert Mecklenborg was arrested while driving in Indiana with a stripper in his car. A few days later he lied on his Ohio driver license application – claiming he didn’t have any outstanding, out-of-state violations. Kevin DeWine and John Kasich refused to call for Mecklenborg’s resignation. And Meck is STILL in office officially until tomorrow – supposedly so he can get some extra public employee retirement credits!

State Rep Jarrod Martin has had at least three drunken run-ins with the law in the past year and half. First getting kicked out of a hotel for being drunk and fighting with his “friends”. Second for being “found intoxicated and unresponsive in the House parking garage” having “passed out drunk on then-GOP Minority Leader’s William G. Batchelder’s Chevy Suburban.” And then for the recent arrest OVI arrest with his kids in his car. Martin is still serving. DeWine and the Ohio Republican Party have said nothing.

And then, of course, there’s Senator Kris Jordan who is under investigation for “pushing around” his wife while drunk and waving a gun. Jordan is also still in office. DeWine and the ORP have said nothing.

A “a zero tolerance policy for any candidate or elected official who crosses the line” sounds really great on paper. But when the shit actually hit the fan, DeWine was silent and he remains silent as Republican office holders who have clearly ‘crossed the line’ continue to serve.

When the Anthony Weiner scandal broke, Christopher Maloney, the Ohio Republican Party’s communications director, attacked Sherrod Brown for not calling for Weiner’s resignation. But THREE scandals involving Ohio Republicans have broken in the past month and Maloney, DeWine and Kasich haven’t said a word.

As Modern already pointed out, Ohio’s conservative bloggers are pissed off. And every other Republican in Ohio should be too. This is how you guys lost your credibility in the first place. And if you don’t want to watch your elected officials become “symbolic of scandal and corruption” all over again – someone better tell DeWine to start spending a little more time keeping his people in line and less time focused on filling your email box with fundraising spam.

  • Annekarina

    Is there a reason why top dogs won’t say anything?

  • As the old saying goes: Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house.  Wonder why DeWine doesn’t say anything?

  • Natasha

    The Ohio Republicans, Zero Tolerance, or Zero Ethics and Honesty?

    The Republican Family Values seem now to be drunkenness, reckless endangerment of their families and the general public by OVI,  and drunken domestic abuse (of women) while armed with a deadly weapon.  And, of course, tax breaks for the rich.

    Republican Zero Tolerance for misconduct applies only to their opponents.

    Party on dudes!

  • Annekarina

    Fiddle nero, fiddle.  or is that fiddle dee dee?

  • Anonymous

    Kevin DeWine’s ugly divorce of a few years ago was covered up very neatly by the press.  I guess it was another example of  Republican “family values.”  Ohio Republican Jarrod Martin’s story made it to Wonkette (!  What an honor!!!!

  • Who knows, DeWine and the other boys might be a drinking, carousing buddies.

  • Anonymous

    Zero Tolerance = Zero Intelligence
    No wonder DeWhine and the Repubs embraced it when it was expedient to do so.

  • WestParkGuy

    Since the GOP doesn’t want to get their house in order, maybe the Democrats should put a bill out there punishing the alcohol abusing lawmakers that get arrested.

    Something especially should be done about lawmakers who get pulled over for OVI and refuse a breathalyzer. Not only should they lose their license for a year, they should also be suspended from the Ohio Legislature for a year.

    Child endangerment, domestic abuse, public drunkenness, and OVI. Sounds like the GOP is having a great time on Kasich’s Party Bus.

  • Annekarina

    Like maybe with a little black book … and everything… ?

  • Anonymous

    LOL.  These three officeholders seem to be the Bob Neys of the ’10s.  We all know how well Bob Ney and his crooked pals did for conservative Republican credibility.

  • Mari Johnson

    This sort of double standard in our party is what makes us look like we have one standard for others and a totally different, anything goes standard for our guys.  What a sic and sad commentary on the moral standards in OUR party.  If we do not intend to enforce the rules we push on others, then just let everyone of us “KEEP OUR MOUTHS SHUT!”  I am out of this Den of Thieves!

  • Anonymous

    Can the law be changed so they can lose their “Legislator” license plates and parking privileges at the Statehouse? Allow them to retain some driving privileges, but make them feel some pain for breaking the law.

  • Because  IOKIYAR.  Or in long hand It’s OK if you are a Republican.

  • Of course…. women and minorities will be the first to be fully criminalized for every misdemeanor they commit while the  rich white guys will be able to get away with murder.  WTF is this crap of giving legislators a free pass – immunity from prosecution of crimes committed –  while they’re in office?

  • LOLOLOLOL! Who the hell is Kevin DeWine anyway? OMG. But for his last name, no one would give a shit. And with a political mini-dynasty family as old as the DeWine’s, he’d have to start enforcing his “zero tolerance policy” with his own fam which is side-splittling laughable to even consider.

    The DeWines, like all Republicans, conservatives and teabaggers, are the party of “Do as We say, not as We do.” Their type of depraved unconcern, debauchery and theft is the purview of our rulers – theirs to perpetrate and to punish, but never to be called to account for.

    Good luck with that 10-point plan Kev. You’ll see it fly when donkey’s do.

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