From the daily archives: Sunday, August 21, 2011

There was a time not too long ago when it was common for some labor unions to endorse candidates from the Republican Party.  And by not too long ago, I mean earlier this year.  Understandably, the passage of the anti-union Senate Bill 5 legislation has turned many unions away from the Republicans who have supported it in the Statehouse, but I was honestly surprised when House Speaker Batchelder returned the favor by lumping all public unions together with his political enemy, the Democratic Party, by claiming that the lack of union-desired amendments to the pending law was the distinct fault […]

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In a little noticed move this week, the Kasich administration rolled out their revised rules for video lottery terminals (slots) at racetracks. The changes, approved by a vote of the Lottery Commission on Monday, include some major departures from the Strickland administration, who originally drafted — then shelved — the plan. Conveniently, the Strickland plan was put on hold by a citizen referendum — Let Ohio Vote — which was led by the husband of Governor Kasich’s chief of staff, necessitating a budget fix that put an income tax cut on hold. Hmmmm…coincidence? but I digress.

Here are […]

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John Kasich gave the Republican weekly radio address yesterday and he urged “the federal government to follow Ohio’s example.” “We looked our problems square in the eye and we didn’t blink…and Americans can learn from Ohio,” said Kasich.

There are three problems with Kasich’s statements that I think need to be pointed out:

First: Republicans in congress are focused on one thing: cutting spending. But John Kasich didn’t cut spending. He actually INCREASED spending from the General Revenue Fund (GRF). According to the Legislative Service Commission (LSC), Strickland’s last budget had $50 billion in GRF spending while Kasich’s […]

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