From the daily archives: Monday, August 8, 2011

I feel like we do some pretty decent Photoshop work here at Plunderbund. Hell, we kind of pride ourselves on it.

But it looks like nonnie9999 may have officially outdone us with this timely and very-revealing tribute to the Hangover movie poster based on our posts about the drunk and disorderly debauchery of Ohio Republican lawmakers Jarrod Martin, Kris Jordan and Bob Mecklenborg.

That image of Jarrod Martin with the black eye keeps cracking me up!

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As Joseph already pointed out, the Ohio Republican Party and it’s Chairman Kevin DeWine have been completely hypocritical and have indeed lost all credibility when it comes to misconduct by the party’s officeholders.  The news that State Senator Kris Jordan (R-Powell) will not be charged in the domestic event that occurred at his residence adds fuel to this fire.  The Jordan story has been popular here in part because a good political scandal is always a traffic magnet, but also because our readers are so passionate on this particular issue.  I’ve had some email contact with one and […]

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