So now that we’ve pretty firmly and completely established that the press conference yesterday was one big PR stunt to try to re-frame the debate and paint the unions as the ones who are inflexible and unwilling to negotiate, it’s time to have some fun with it.

As a reminder, here’s a picture from Kasich’s staged press conference complete with an empty table and name tents for the union leaders who “refused to show up”.

Announcing the latest PlunderContest:

Waiting for John Kasich

Here is how it works.  First download a printable table tent slash invitation to the Governor.  We have two versions:

Small table tent/invitation* (suitable for standard paper)

Large table tent/invitation (suitable for cardstock)

*You can cut and fold as the template says or you can fold and tape as Greg demonstrates here.

Next, invite Governor Kasich to meet you, do your chores, or other funny activities that you think will humor us.  Take a photo and send it to us along with your caption.  You can email them to, post them on our Facebook wall, or Tweet them @plunderbund with hashtag #waiting4kasich.  We’ll publish the best ones periodically and pick the top 10 next week.  We’ll all vote on our favorites and the top 3 will get free PB tees like these:







Thanks to Plunderbund contributor Greg Mild, whose original post on Facebook was the genesis for this idea.  Here is what started it all:







Some other ideas to get your creative juices flowing.  Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!













































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