So if the Columbus Dispatch‘s main gripe about Issue 2 is that having a referendum on repealing SB 5, a vote to resolve labor issues, creates unnecessary and unproductive bad blood between labor and management, then why haven’t they said the same thing about SB 5?  After all, under SB 5, what would be the mechanicism to resolve management-labor contractual disputes?  A vote of the public.

I only ask because it appears that while they’re blasting Issue 2 on the grounds that a public vote on labor issues forces labor and management to publicly square off and creates bad blood, the same editorial board actually praised the provision of SB 5 that requires labor contractual disputes to be settled by a public vote.

How can these two positions possibly square up?  And when did the Dispatch editorial board go from saying that everything in SB 5 was “necessary reforms” to admitting that several key provisions are actually quite expendable?