So if the Columbus Dispatch‘s main gripe about Issue 2 is that having a referendum on repealing SB 5, a vote to resolve labor issues, creates unnecessary and unproductive bad blood between labor and management, then why haven’t they said the same thing about SB 5?  After all, under SB 5, what would be the mechanicism to resolve management-labor contractual disputes?  A vote of the public.

I only ask because it appears that while they’re blasting Issue 2 on the grounds that a public vote on labor issues forces labor and management to publicly square off and creates bad blood, the same editorial board actually praised the provision of SB 5 that requires labor contractual disputes to be settled by a public vote.

How can these two positions possibly square up?  And when did the Dispatch editorial board go from saying that everything in SB 5 was “necessary reforms” to admitting that several key provisions are actually quite expendable?

  • Natasha

    The answer is simple – ad revenue.

    The Wolfe/Dispatch media empire needs revenue (like all print media) to the extent that they will manufacture a crisis to engender massive spending on bullshit political ads on 10 TV and in the Dispatch while their “editors” take the philosophical view and manufacture opinion to keep the fires burning in the opposing camps.

    A big nasty political fight does more the Wolfe/Dispatch boys than Viagra  does for Mecklenborg and his 40 cal does for Senator Jordan’s manhood.

    Making Kasich Kool-Aid is highly profitable in declining (print) media market revenues.


  • Annekarina

    However, the empire reaches far beyond “print” to make their point and income known.  The company doesn’t “need” to sell papers.  Just news.

  • Orion89

     How far do they reach beyond just print media? How do they get their money earnings? How do they sell news? Print media has been in transition for awhile now because of technology. I’ve heard they own a lot downtown in the arena district. When people begin to understand how they make their money, maybe that will call into question even more their bias and why they are biased.

    What does the Dispatch have to gain supporting SB5 and all the other nutty policies our governor pulls out his rear?

    I guess I’m just trying to understand the paper’s motivation.

  • Annekarina


  • Anonymous

    “And when did the Dispatch editorial board go from saying that
    everything in SB 5 was “necessary reforms” to admitting that several
    key provisions are actually quite expendable?”

    As soon as polling results started coming in.  The Disgrace, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind, the Disgrace is blowin’ in the wind.

  • Sluggo

    In the Dispatch world public unions (and labor in general) are always wrong. 

    The referendum is bad because it’s a vote that labor wants.  In the case of a contract dispute a vote that makes labor weak, therefore it’s good.The Dispatch would ridicule the idea of compromise if poll numbers looked like labor would lose.  However, since it looks like labor may win, a compromise that would be worse than the election result is necessary.

    The Dispatch ideology is as simple as Frankenstein: “Union bad!”

  • Modern Esquire

    Besides the Dispatch they own ONN, WBNS in Columbus and produces other central Ohio publications as well.

  • SidneyIndependent

    You guys liveblogging the debate tonight?

  • Anonymous

    Two weeks ago, the Cleveland Coalition held a conference on government transparency. When I said at a discussion group on restoring trust in government that the best thing that could happen along those lines would be for the Plain Dealer — and by extension most of the rest of the state’s sorry daily newspapers — to fold, people were uncomfortable and even dismayed. However, I believe this wholeheartedly. These biased papers, serving the interests of the wealthy corporate community, do damage to the larger community.

  • The Dispatch is only good for wrapping fish, lining bird cages, and toilet paper in a pinch.  They are a tool of the Ohio Republican Party. 

  • Given enough time the ultra conservative “we need to do it now” party and their supporters will self destruct. True, the budgets for states and federal are a problem, but not something that needs to be fixed right this minute with the in the same way we run our church mentality, that is, cut everything. Today I saw a commercial on local T.V. suggesting we contact Sen Brown and tell him to stop the Obama health care plan because it cuts services and MONEY to the program, and hurts those seniors who depend on it. The same party that wants to cut entitlement programs and balance the budget on cuts only. Their duplicity and hypocrisy is rising to the fore front. The dispatch article is just another example of that hypocrisy.

  • I do not trust in anything they say..they made their bed..the people want to make their voices heard…all 1.3 million n growing..

  • who sell what? I gave up supportn or even readn that paper ..the Columbus Disgrace..It is..what it is…

  • can u say..payoff? kinda like the OHIO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE unanimously votn to SUPPORT  retaining SB 5..however when businesses heard n read n were made aware of that decision..many pulled out..follow the money..or should I say..depleting..hope kasichs cha ching was enough..gonna find out quickly if so..many businesses still leaving Ohio Chamber of Commerce..

  • who? Sorry..we only watch responsible accountable news reportn..Ed Show, Rachel Maddow..n Jon Stewart..

  • The Columbus Disgrace..shame on them..not wasting my money on irresponsible paid off censored fairy tales…

  • Y r u all wastn ur time tryn to figure out what the working class already knows..The Columbus..Disgrace..its not rocket beatn a dead dog..its dead//let it be..

  • CDR//u said it all..The have a winner…lol

  • the Columbus Disgrace..cmon every1..say it other explanation needed//n thats how the disgrace will be remembered..n forgotten..its dead..bury it..if no ones readn it or cares..let it say or tell its fairy tales//it will go away..n no 1 will miss it..ignore it..kasich owns it..let him read his fairytales..shhh..besides somethings gotta keep ksick n crew warm on their park benches in the winter..gets cold at night..keeps the pidgeons doo doo off..

  • wasnt the Disgraces demands..Im sure someones gettn nervous n tryn to keep things going..concentrate on gettn the vote out..cant compromise with a dictator…he already refused..the people..1.3 million n growing want to vote..they r tired of everything that kasichs doing …period…stop poking the dog with a stick behind the fence…ignore the temper tantrums, the begging..the whining..dont enable the bad behavior….the irresponsible, mismanagement of whats best n protects our young, elderly, etc..11.8.11..will speak loud n clear….accountability//like the OGT..not graduate test..Ohio Governors Test..anticipatn high scores in favor of the people…

  • what biased papers? no ones readn them..people r droppn them left n right..they have had enuff period..

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