[3:30 pm – REVISED: Our original post excluded some math teachers – sorry for the omission. We have updated the title and the list of teachers to reflect their inclusion.  New list has 334 pages and total projected cost of tests is $2,187,050]


The lists included at the end of this post:

  • Are NOT intended to imply in any way that these educators are ineffective.
  • Do NOT reflect the hard work, long hours, or dedication of the individuals on the list.
  • Do NOT reflect improvements that have occurred in many of these schools.
  • Are NOT an indictment of educators who have dedicated their lives to serving struggling children in challenging environments.
  • Are NOT intended to represent an official list released by the Ohio Department of Education or the Governor’s Office.

The lists ARE:

  • Based on arbitrarily selected measures identified by John Kasich and affirmed by Republican legislators (except Oelslager) and refused by Ohio Democrats.
  • Based on a strict, literal interpretation of House Bill 153, Section 3319.58.
  • Compiled based on the Ohio Department of Education’s publicly available data for the 2010-2011 school year  (released 8/24/11).
  • Provided for the benefit of affected educators to assist them in identifying inaccurate state data that has their personal data recorded incorrectly.

Before you skip down to the lists, remember one additional and very important item.  According to the law:

“No teacher shall be responsible for the cost of taking an examination under this division.”

No more waiting . . . we’ll post some other resources and observations at the bottom of the post after the lists.

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[4:30 pm – UPDATED] By request of our readers, an Adobe pdf version of the teacher list is available: Retesting Teachers 2011

List of Teachers required to retake Ohio’s licensure tests based on Ohio House Bill 153.

The Lowest 10% of Ohio’s Schools based on Performance Index Scores



Full Text of House Bill 153, Section 3319.58

(A) As used in this section, “core subject area” has the same meaning as in section 3319.074 of the Revised Code.

(B) Each year, the board of education of each city, exempted village, and local school district, governing authority of each community school established under Chapter 3314. of the Revised Code, and governing body of each STEM school established under Chapter 3326. of the Revised Code with a building ranked in the lowest ten per cent of all public school buildings according to performance index score, under section 3302.21 of the Revised Code, shall require each classroom teacher teaching in a core subject area in such a building to register for and take all written examinations prescribed by the state board of education for licensure to teach that core subject area and the grade level to which the teacher is assigned under section 3319.22 of the Revised Code. However, if a teacher who takes a prescribed examination under this division passes that examination and provides proof of that passage to the teacher’s employer, the teacher shall not be required to take the examination again for three years, regardless of the performance index score ranking of the building in which the teacher teaches. No teacher shall be responsible for the cost of taking an examination under this division.

(C) Each district board of education, each community school governing authority, and each STEM school governing body may use the results of a teacher’s examinations required under division (B) of this section in developing and revising professional development plans and in deciding whether or not to continue employing the teacher in accordance with the provisions of this chapter or Chapter 3314. or 3326. of the Revised Code. However, no decision to terminate or not to renew a teacher’s employment contract shall be made solely on the basis of the results of a teacher’s examination under this section until and unless the teacher has not attained a passing score on the same required examination for at least three consecutive administrations of that examination.

Link to the Ohio Department of Education website for Educator Licensure Examinations.


If you have been following us and the status of this provision, you know that we are unquestionably opposed to this legislation and have even filed an Ohio ethics complaint questioning the motivation of its inclusion in the budget.  Our stance has not changed and we will continue to pursue the revocation of this provision based on the ethics violation committed by State Superintendent Stan Heffner.

This is not a part of Issue 2, this is not something you can march against this Fall and vote against on November 8.  This is law.  This is one of the changes that the Governor put into the budget to punish teachers.

Enough with the depressing news.  We’re hearing that after you pass, you’ll receive a t-shirt to commemorate the occasion.  Available in red only.

Vote out the anti-public education Republicans who put this into law.  All of them.