Building a Better Ohio’s entire campaign strategy seems to be essentially yelling “Liar, liar, liar” at the opponents of SB 5 between now and election day, as if opposition to SB 5 was based on a foundation of lies.  This, of course, would be more effective if, you know, Building a Better Ohio would stop lying about SB 5.

Take today’s argument by the pro-SB 5 campaign called “Reforms will Protect Ohio’s protectors” (which we’ve screen captured just in case they take it down):

image So, according to the Building a Better Ohio campaign, if Issue 2 would pass, communities like Mount Sterling wouldn’t have massive layoffs like this extreme example of a community laying off their entire police force.

And what caused a local community like Mt. Sterling to have to decide to disband it police force?  According to the same Mayor that the Issue 2 campaign quotes, it’s because of a loss of state funding…. in the Kasich budget.  You know, the one Kasich calls the “Jobs Budget.” FAIL ONE.

We wanted to look into Building a Better Ohio’s claim that if Issue 2 passes layoffs in “towns like Mount Sterling” could be avoided by giving them the “power to restructure their operating costs” such that they “will still be able to afford police and firefighter protection when they need it,” as the Building a Better Ohio campaign has claimed.

So, we checked with the Ohio’s Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association since they represent the officers in many small town law enforcement departments.  But they don’t represent the police officers from the Mt. Sterling police department.

Then we looked to the Fraternal Order of the Police.  But, they, too, don’t represent the police officers on the Mt. Sterling Police Department.

And for good reason.  You see, what the Building a Better Ohio campaign failed to note is that the Mt. Sterling Police Department is non-union.  Under existing labor law (pre-SB 5), public employees in communities less than 5,000 have no collective bargaining rights.  FAIL TWO.

Who’s going to replace the Mt. Sterling police department for law enforcement?  Well, according to the Columbus Dispatch:

Prior to the vote, Madison County Sheriff Jim Sabin, flanked by three deputies, assured the crowd that county manpower would be adequate for emergencies and patrols, along with help from nearby Pickaway and Fayette counties.

The deputies in Madison, Pickaway, and Fayette counties are all members of the Ohio F.O.P. FAIL THREE.

Read that again.  And once more.  

Let’s break this down:

  1. Kasich’s budget causes non-union law enforcement officers to lose their jobs in massive layoffs.  This is something Issue 2 cannot prevent as the jobs are all non-union.
  2. As a result, the duties of these non-union law enforcement officers will be given to law enforcement officers that are unionized.
  3. In citing this situation as an example, Building a Better Ohio, which is supposed to build a case for Senate Bill 5  actually proves that one of their strongest arguments for SB 5 is totally false.

Building a Better Ohio just showed how useless Issue 2 will be in protecting our local law enforcement from massive layoffs . . . in a post about how Issue 2 will prevent job losses for law enforcement.  Great job, y’all.  Here’s a toast to you!

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  • Anonymous

    The most accurate and straightforward FAIL photo would be a simple headshot of our governor. He embodies FAIL in all its aspects.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE Punderbund! Thanks for getting out the truth.

    It’s likely that the rural Mt Sterling police department was made up of unpaid volunteers. People who send themselves through the police academy to get state accreditation usually accept a volunteer spot in small towns so they can keep/get a commission. 

    So maybe you guys could check that? The only costs to the city/taxpayers are operating  costs- cruisers/insurance etc. Not salaries to police officers.

  • Anonymous

    well looks like I was wrong, the officers do receive  a salary. By the way, Mt Sterling has 1,800 residents. The Chief, who is the only paid police officer left, plans to patrol the city with unpaid auxiliary officers. 

    The Chief also said he has been promoting cost saving measures to the city council but they ignored him until it was too late.

  • Come on, Anastasia…. that cat jumping on the Trader Joe’s balloon?  SO cute!   

  • Not surprisingly, the Dispatch article completely failed to mention that the Mayor himself said the problem was a direct result of funding cuts from Kasich’s budget.


  • Anonymous

    Yes, absolutely cute. Unlike the gov.

  • Annekarina

    So do these outside officers get paid for extra duty?  They ought to.

  • Anonymous

    Is that their best shot?  Am I quaking yet?  Where is the part about how much better off we will be when the good paying $7.00 an hour jobs come back?  Do you think it took them half an hour to put this campaign together?  Maybe they want to encourage some dialog between the unions and Kasich.

  • Annekarina

    in some jobs, they are back.

  • Anonymous

    In that case, the beatings will continue until moral improves. 

  • Modern Esquire

    Thanks for coming here and sharing your views.  I can’t imagine what’s it like losing your jobs and then seeing all sides of a contenious debate politicizing it for their own ends. 

    Still, it’s ridiculous to say that it was the police force’s fault that the village couldn’t meet it’s budget and not the 25% cut in state support for local government.

    Any chance the Sheriff’s office is going to expand to cover this village?

  • Annekarina

    That is what is happening.  Have you not noticed?

  • very interesting psot! i liked it! thanks!

  • Good, awesome thanks for sharing. Onward to a people’s repeal of a really bad law.  Let’s show the rotten R’s that they work for us the people who do the real work.

    SB 5 = more destruction of the already reeling Middle Class because the R’s are on the wrong side of the longterm class war against us.

    Why do non-rich people vote for R’s again?

  • Thanks for your service, LaidOff.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I have noticed and I find it appalling that the lowering of Ohio’s standard of living has become such a high priority for the ultra well off in (and outside of) our state.  You are right, though, it is no joking matter.

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