UPDATED 08/25/2011 2:45PM: Additional documents have been included at the end of this post including the complete case file and the incident report related to the calls from Jordan to the deputies.

On August 5th, 2011, The Delaware City Prosecutor’s Office announced they would not be filing charges against State Senator Kris Jordan for the domestic violence incident that occured at his home on July 11th.

According to documents obtained by Plunderbund, Kris Jordan spent the next few days calling the Delaware County Sheriff’s deputies involved in the incident, trying to obtain additional information about what had been reported and who had reported it.

On August 7th, 2011, Kris Jordan called Deputy Carter asking questions about the supplemental narrative he had provided for the incident. On August 8th Kris Jordan called Deputy Yarnell. Both calls were placed to the officers while they were off duty.

In the call with Yarnell, Jordan said he “had some questions” and wanted to “confirm some things.” The deputy made it clear that he felt “awkward” and “uncomfortable” talking with Jordan. But Jordan continued with the questions.

Kris Jordan indicated he had already spoken with “5 or 6 other deputies” and he wanted to know some very specific information about Yarnell’s narrative related to the incident. He also asked if Deputy Yarnell had had marked “any boxes for domestic violence on the report” and if the deputy had “determined whether the incident was a dispute or a domestic violence.”

The incident report and associated narratives that Jordan references are included below. Based on these documents, it seems pretty clear that the officers at the scene, and their supervisors who watched video of the incident, believed domestic violence was the appropriate charge for Jordan.

Jordan, however, seems to have a different perspective. In addition to the questions, Jordan also told deputies that “he felt as if Sheriff Davis was out to ruin his political career.”

According to all of the evidence we have seen, Kris Jordan has spent years as the protagonist in an abusive relationship that has become more and more “violent and physical.” Kris Jordan brandished a gun while “pushing around” his wife and yet he thinks his problems all stem from a rogue Sheriff (who is also a Republican, by the way) hellbent on ruining his political career?

It seems like Senator Jordan has done a pretty good job of that all on his own.

Complete Kris Jordan Case File

Kris Jordan Officer Calls – Incident Report and Narratives

  • Typical behavior from a wife-beater thug… perhaps Ohio should send Sen. Jordan some cheese to go with his whine.

    Why is this jerk still in office?

  • So this guy has been bullying his wife now for 3 years and when busted his response is to start bullying sheriff’s deputies?  Unreal!

  • Anonymous

    This story becomes more depressing and tragic by the day. It’s time the Republican Party in Ohio showed that it has even the most rock-bottom “values” left by cleaning house of these arrogant, out-of-control, overgrown frat jocks.

  • Anonymous

    I understand Jordan was born post-Watergate, but I thought it was part of Republican 101 to learn it is the cover-up that is the problem.

  • Guest

    Because the TGOPers hate women. They lie when they talk about “family values”. Their values have to do with owning women.

  • Wow. What a psychopath. 

  • Greg Soper

    GOP must DEMAND he resign now!

    They are just as guilty- wont do anything just to save a seat

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to see the “narrative” part of the report, the part they took out. I wonder how the deputies figured a disorderly conduct charge? Normally you can not be charged with disorderly conduct in your own home. Disorderly Conduct is a catch-all charge that basically covers acting like an A-hole, or maybe a minor version of disobeying lawful commands.

    Looking at the detailed response reports from the deputies reference the phone calls, I’ll bet the original report had some meaty details in it. Now they have been changed to say “nothing occurred”. The original report should still be public record.

  • I Really enjoyed your blog. I just bookmarked it. I am a regular visitor of your website I will share It with my friends .Thanks.

  • Baxter Smith

    Here’s the really worrisome part of this report – how the hell did Jordan get these deputies private, home numbers?  Ohio Public Records law specifically exempts the personal information of law enforcement – including phone numbers and addresses – from disclosure.  How did Jordan get them?!? 

    Plunderbund, you definitely need to investigate this one…

  • In one of the incident reports, the deputy states that Jordan told him that he (Jordan) got it from the phone book. I call shenanigans. No police officer on the planet is in the phone book. (Well, maybe nice, safe places like Lichtenstein)

  • Let’s face it….the behavior of this miscreant goes hand in hand with being a politician. Bullying, influence, intimidation….these are all characteristics, or tactics if you prefer, of the modern politician. 

  • It’s about time we start singing: Na na na na, Na na na na, Hay hay, good bye.

  • Baxter Smith

    You hit the nail on the head!  I didn’t even mention phone books because I have family that is in law enforcement – NO WAY a law enforcement officer puts his or her phone number in the phone book.  Never, ever happens. 

    My bet is on Jordan misusing his office and pulling strings to get these numbers – or – one of the supervisors at the Sheriff’s Office gave them out trying to curry political favor.M

  • The officer does state in his narrative that Kris got his number from the phonebook and it’s a situation he will remedy so it does appear that is how at least the number was found. 

  • Rescueinc1

    Not a word mentioned about Kris Jordan’s wife being 7 months pregnant….Seems to make it a little bigger story when he is beating his wife AND unborn child! He really needs to resign, Delaware County residents deserve better! Also, heard from a House of Reps republican that Jordan plans on claiming his diabetes had something to do with it! Been on MANY, MANY, hypoglycemic patients and they weren’t smacking around their loved ones! In fact, quite the opposite…they were asleep and barely responded to a needle stick!

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