From the daily archives: Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This has to be one of the more brazen displays of lunacy yet from Josh Mandel’s non-campaign for senate. In a letter of endorsement from fellow wacko Sen. Jim DeMint, Mandel went on the record supporting the move to not raise the nation’s debt limit. This is from the letter of endorsement from the Senate Conservative Fund, a PAC run my Senator DeMint to help raise money for people who are clearly too out-of-touch to find a job elsewhere.

Brown SUPPORTS raising the debt limit. Mandel opposes it.

On issue after issue, the choice is clear. Josh Mandel fights for […]

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Andrew Tobias reports for the Delaware Gazette the following joint statement by State Senator Kris Jordan and his wife Delaware County Recorder Melissa issued via email:

Like many cou­ples, we have stress­ful lives.  We had an emo­tional argu­ment and are embar­rassed that some very per­sonal issues have become pub­lic. We are all human. We make mis­takes. Please allow us the space, time and pri­vacy to work through this together. We ask for your prayers.

Spray, pray, and hope it goes away.  Several things bother me about a “joint statement”.  Melissa was obviously threatened and physically “pushed around” in the […]

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Big tell on Jordan

On July 20, 2011 By

GOP Senate Caucus won’t comment on Jordan domestic violence allegation.

From ONN’s Jim Heath:

A conservative Republican, Jordan writes in each of his press releases that he’s a “proven advocate for family values.”

“We’re aware of the situation, but no charges have been filed so we’re not going to comment or speculate,” said GOP senate spokesman John McClelland.

The Jordan’s are on vacation and were unavailable for comment on camera.

There is no word yet on whether Jordan will consider resigning.

Mrs. Jordan was available for comment last night for the Columbus Dispatch.  Now suddenly neither […]

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OK, it’s more irony than an oxymoron, but since Kris used the term “oxymoronical” in the video I couldn’t resist that title.  In 2009, then State Rep Kris Jordan speaks to Ohioans For Concealed Carry at their “Party in the Park 6” held at Liberty Park on July 11th.  Part of that talk seems very ironic now given the fact that Kris bought his wife a 9mm weapon for protection in their home when the protection she may have needed was from him:

(original video via TheBerlinKid)

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So much for John Kasich starting to see a “bounce” in his polling.  This morning, Quinnipiac released it’s latest polling in Ohio in two months.  The news is pretty down right miserable for Kasich.

For the first time for Quinnipiac, Kasich’s disapproval has hit 50%.  His approval rating has dropped back down to 35%.  Seven months into his term, and Kasich has yet to break with a 40% in his approval rating.  Kasich has lost further ground with independents who now disapprove by 34% to 48% from 37% to 47% in May.

Only two-thirds of Republicans […]

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[Update:  We’ve added complete transcripts of the call recordings]

Following up on our story earlier today about the domestic violence situation at State Senator Kris Jordan’s residence. We published the redacted incident report.  We also received audio files.

Following are 911 recordings we received from the Delaware County Sheriff’s office based on our public records request.  The audio came to us in 3 files.  This was mostly due to Melissa hanging up the first time and 911 having to call back.  The second and third audio clips overlap somewhat.  We’ve redacted parts of the audio mentioning the address […]

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