From the daily archives: Thursday, July 28, 2011

Senate President Tom Niehaus was on Fox News to discuss the Tea Party’s proposed state constitutional amendment to ban individual health insurance mandates at the local, State, and federal level (and yet, the State of Ohio would still be able to mandate that all Ohioans carry auto insurance if they wish to drive on a public road in Ohio.)

According to a transcript from Fox News, host Bill Hemmer asked Niehaus to respond to “critics” of the bill who suggests that the proposed amendment is, itself, unconstitutional as it violates the U.S. Constitution’s supremacy clause.  That’s when things went a little […]

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In today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine states he knows the key for his party to win in Ohio next year… it’s hoping that the entire State gets collective amensia on one of Governor Kasich’s signature legislative achievements this year:

The GOP leader said he doubts anyone will be talking about Senate Bill 5 come November 2012.

“What we do know is that for 90 percent of the people, the economy is the number one issue and in November 2012 no one is going to be talking about Senate Bill 5,” DeWine said. “And Barack […]

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With August right around the corner and the Ohio Secretary of State assigning an issue number (#2) to the Senate Bill 5 Referendum, it’s time to start dissecting the grossly flawed bill that brought millions of Ohioans together in opposition this year.  Much of the Senate Bill 5 language was rewritten into HB153 (budget bill) when it became apparent that the referendum effort would succeed, but since so many variations of each bill have come and gone in the committees, it’s important to revisit the appalling language that John Kasich gleefully signed […]

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8:00 – Almost two hours later and there is still no sign of a vote any time soon. Wanted to take a chance to update you all on what the twitter universe is saying first this:

@thinkprogress We still have 25 names on our list of NOs. But Labrador (UT) and Gowdy (SC) are both still leaning NO


Sounds like we haven’t moved any closer to seeing a vote if that is the case.

And then this.

@LukeRussert #GOP aide tells me “vote will happen later tonight.” I asked by 2am? No response.

Looks like there […]

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We did a LOT of research after the Mecklenborg scandal broke. And a good deal of the information is still confusing the hell out of us.

We already know that on April 23rd, 2011, Ohio State Representative Robert Mecklenborg was driving around Indiana with temp tags from Kentucky and a stripper (also from Kentucky) in his car. And according to official state records, he was legally drunk and had viagra in his system at the time. That’s all pretty clear.

But other records related to his official duties back here in Ohio still don’t make a lot of […]

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