As we sit around waiting patiently for Robert Mecklenborg’s delayed resignation to take effect, I thought I’d help clear up some questions that came up during our investigation – and also present some of the outstanding questions that still remain with the hope that maybe someone can help me answer them.

For now, let’s focus specifically on the car.

If you remember, Mecklenborg was pulled over while driving a Silver, 2004 Lexus with temporary Kentucky tags.

Earlier in the month Modern raised the question about the car. Given that the temporary plates were from Kentucky, he surmised that the car may have been owned by someone else.

We contacted the Kentucky BMV only to find out that the temporary tag was one of 100 issued to a car dealership in Covington Kentucky. Specifics about the car and the buyer were unavailable. According to Kentucky law, dealers can obtain batches of temporary tags that they can provide to customers who purchase vehicles. And this appears to be exactly what happened in Mecklenborg’s case. The problem, or benefit – depending on your perspective – is that Kentucky temporary tags provided to dealers in batches can’t be directly traced back to the purchaser of the car.

Fortunately records from the Ohio BMV were a little more helpful. According to vehicle registration records, a Lexus of the same color and year was purchased by Mecklenborg on 02/25/2011 and was issued Ohio plates on 03/10/2011 at a BMV office in Loveland, OH.

So we do know that the car was, in fact, owned by Mecklenborg, who also owns two other cars: a 1998 Chevy and a 2004 Toyota.

But this information also raises a couple of other questions:

Why did Mecklenbog buy his car in Kentucky? And, more importantly, why was he still driving around with Kentucky temporary tags two months after buying the car and one month after getting Ohio plates?

Did he misplace the plates? Was he just too lazy to install them? Was someone else driving around in the car? Was he intentionally trying to avoid detection?

I honestly don’t have a good answer for you. But I’m very interested in reading your thoughts in the comments.

And please stick around. Because you think that’s weird? Wait until you see his parking records…