8:00 – Almost two hours later and there is still no sign of a vote any time soon. Wanted to take a chance to update you all on what the twitter universe is saying first this:

@thinkprogress We still have 25 names on our list of NOs. But Labrador (UT) and Gowdy (SC) are both still leaning NOhttp://thkpr.gs/o8xuhH


Sounds like we haven’t moved any closer to seeing a vote if that is the case.

And then this.

@LukeRussert #GOP aide tells me “vote will happen later tonight.” I asked by 2am? No response.

Looks like there might be a long night ahead of me.

6:07 – Listen, I love watching legislators name post offices as much as the next person, but I think I’m going to tap out here. I’ll be keeping an eye on this and whenever the House gets around to voting on the debt ceiling I’ll be right back at it. In the mean time enjoy this.

6:04 Bahhhhhh!! Well, good thing default isn’t less than 96 hours away.

@thinkprogress RT @AndrewKroll: House GOPer Joe Walsh (Ill.) is still a no. Says it is uncertain whether there will be a vote tonight on boehner bill.

6:02 – Annnnndd we are still naming post offices….That debt ceiling isn’t going to raise its self folks.

5:51 – So, if this bill dies without even making it out of the House, that is a huge deal right? If that does happen it will be because House Tea Party freshman bolted from leadership and left them at the alter. The irony won’t be lost on Republican leadership, I’m sure. Boehner et. al. played a major role in ushering in a Republican Majority last year. Those same freshman are now creating clear holes within their own party. It is becoming more and more clear that a deal on the debt ceiling can be reached without receiving some House Democratic votes.

5:43 – Well, it looks like we have been postponed indefinitely. At least we get to move on to  the important business, naming post offices.

5:40 – Looks like Jim Jordan isn’t having that horrible of a day. He has at least one person egging him on to run for Senate if he all of a sudden doesn’t have a job.

@Kenblackwell: If Boehner eliminates @Jim_Jordan’s district, we will finally have a proven conservative running for the US Senate:

5:35 – No one has told Pelosi that the vote has been delayed because she is still going.  She most likely will have to give this speech all over again.

5:33 – Looks like the House Republican Caucus’s ability to twist arms has fell short today. Still a couple votes short of getting this done.  Still 25 Republicans planning on voting against the bill.

5:31 – That can really own mean one thing, looks like Boehner doesn’t have the votes. Looks like the Tea Party is carrying the day so far.

5:30 – Vote has been delayed!!

5:27 – Nancy Pelosi on the floor now.

5:25 – So speaker Boehner is going to cut Rep. Jim Jordan out during the upcoming redistricting process or he isn’t now. Maybe he got Jordan to go along with the vote. Should be interesting to watch.

5:20 – Let’s talk Tea Party craziness. Here is what you need to know, the US economy is being held hostage by a minority of elected officials that would rather see us default then compromise. At last count 25 Tea Party Republicans have threatened to vote against the bill. If that happens this bill will not pass and then it is very unclear what will happen. Not only will it throw the chance of getting a deal done up in the air but who knows what happens to Boehner after that.

5:18 – Rep. Hensarling (R-Texas) “This nation has a debt crisis not because we are under taxed but because we spend too much.” Ummmmm, no we have a debt problem because we are under taxed and we spend too much.

5:14 Paul Ryan makes my head hurt. I’m just throwing that out there. He is just a young gun doing his think about there. Sadly, his budget plan would have done nothing to projected debt in America. I still can’t believe anyone takes this guy seriously.

5:10 – Uhhh ohhhh Tim Ryan is out there on the floor now throwing some haymakers. Rep. Ryan is making the strong point that the top 1% of this country is being asked to sacrifice nothing while the cuts will be on balanced on the back of the poor and needy. I want Tim Ryan in my corner.

5:08 – What happens if the bill is passed? Well, as of this afternoon it was reported that if the bill does survive a vote in the House the Senate will take up the bill this evening and kill it. In fact, Sen. Reid has made it clear that this bill is DOA.

5:06 – Debate on the floor started at roughly 3:00pm this afternoon and the vote is expected to be held around 6:00.

5:02 – Looks like Boehner still doesn’t have the votes to get this done.

4:56 – Boehner’s Waterloo – Not only is this vote a message to the world on our ability to pay our debts but this is also a referendum on Speaker Boehner’s power. Speaker Boehner has a mess on his hands. In the last week he has run into the arms of the Tea Party members in his caucus, and then when it came to govern they seem to have left him at the alter. The speaker needs 216 votes to get his bill passed this evening, and he can’t loose more than 23 of his caucus to get that done. It is expected that zero Democrats will vote for this bill so it is imperative that everyone votes. If this bill was to die on the floor it could be a death blow to his time as leader of his party.

4:40 – You’re right, we are a little late to the party, but better late than never right. What have you missed so far? Not a whole lot. Your normal amount of bickering on the House floor. To review, very quickly, check out this and this on why we need to raise the debt ceiling. It is pretty simply, the US needs to raise the limit so we can pay our bills. It is similar to when you get your credit card statement except when you are the federal government you can’t spend any more money till you get that authority from Congress.

4:45 – Well, here we are ladies and gentlemen, this is either the point we learn whether this country plans on paying its debts and/or we get to watch a life referendum on John Boehner’s leadership position.  It should be fun.  Grab the popcorn, get something to drink, and flip on CSPAN.  I’ll be here with you through the end of the vote.