From the daily archives: Sunday, July 17, 2011

First, according to CNBC’s website, the 2011 “Business Friendliness” for Ohio went from #38 in 2010 to #42 in 2011.  So, that’s not an improvement.  What the 2010-2011 CNBC rankings (if you even care about such relatively arbitrary ranking gimmicks are from a media outlet) do show is that Ohio was the most improved State in their ranking system with an overall improvement in their rank by eleven spots from 34th in 2010 to 23rd this year.

But, again, this has nothing to do with John Kasich.  Because anyone who reads about CNBC’s methodology […]

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The Associated Press, and local Cincinnati media has confirmed, that State Representative Bob Mecklenborg has announced his intention to resign office, effective August 2.

Mecklenborg was arrested back in April for suspicion of driving while intoxicated after midnight on Good Friday.  He reportedly failed all three field sobriety tests.  A blood test taken by the Indiana State Police detected alcohol levels above the legal limits as well as the presence of Viagra.

According to the Indiana State Police report concerning the incident, a young woman, who was not Mecklenborg’s wife, was a passenger in the car […]

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