Hey, you know how sometimes you’ll get a call from a friend needing “bail” money for some charitable event for M.S. research?  You know how these events get all into character and take photos replete with booking photos, jail jumpsuit, and jail bars?

This is not one of those occasions.  Meet State Representative Robert Mecklenborg (R-Green Township), Member of the House State Government and Ethics Committee, and subject of booking photo 000718042311.

Mecklenborg was arrested in Dearborn County way back in April 23rd at 12:08 a.m.  He refused to take a breath test.  He was driving a car with temporary Kentucky plates.   A blood test showed he had an .097% alcohol content, enough to be charged with misdemeanor driving under the influence.

Oh, and the blood test showed he had Viagra in his system… and where he was arrested was about a mile away from a casino and a strip club (from the report it would appear he was heading towards that direction, not away.)

Again, I leave it Representative Mecklenborg to explain what he was doing after midnight on a Friday night in the middle of Lawrenceberg, Indiana while drunk and pretty much only a strip club or a casino being his likely destinations.

Drunk, stupid, and legislating is no way to go through life, sir.

In case you’re wondering, what Representative Mecklenborg has to say about it:

"Everybody’s innocent until proven guilty."

First, as a fellow lawyer, and one who has done criminal defense, I’m offended that he butchered it.  There’s a “presumption” of innocence, not that people are innocent until proven guilty.  Second, this is a statement you only hear Republicans say when they’ve been criminally charged or presumed to be Public Official #14 in a public corruption indictment.

Here’s what happens next if you’re a Cincinnati conservative.  You plead guilty, hold a teary eyed news conference to announce you’re going into rehab.  You have Phil Burress at your side.  You emerge years at the unveiling of the new Big Butter Jesus, living in Warren County, born-again, and running to fill Shannon Jones’ open Senate seat.

Any takers?