First, according to CNBC’s website, the 2011 “Business Friendliness” for Ohio went from #38 in 2010 to #42 in 2011.  So, that’s not an improvement.  What the 2010-2011 CNBC rankings (if you even care about such relatively arbitrary ranking gimmicks are from a media outlet) do show is that Ohio was the most improved State in their ranking system with an overall improvement in their rank by eleven spots from 34th in 2010 to 23rd this year.

But, again, this has nothing to do with John Kasich.  Because anyone who reads about CNBC’s methodology can tell they use publicly available data that has to be at least a year old.  In fact, here’s precisely why CNBC says it improved Ohio’s rank:

Ohio is this year’s most improved state, jumping eleven places to 23rd overall thanks to a huge improvement in Cost of Doing Business. Ohio improved to 5th place in our most important category, from 29th place last year. A multi-year effort to reform the tax code in the Buckeye State is paying off with a tax structure that welcomes new investment. At the same time, wages have fallen in Ohio relative to other states. That helps businesses on the cost side, but workers suffer.

Again, there’s nothing in there about anything Kasich has done.  They credit the 2005 tax reforms that were fully implemented before Kasich took office and the fact that personal income has fallen relative to other States.  The first is something Kasich can’t take credit for; the second is something NOBODY should want to take credit for.

Just like his misuse of the S&P, Kasich is going around presenting himself as getting all sorts of accolades from business institutions in the hope to fool Ohioans that major business leaders are liking what they’re seeing from Kasich.  But just as is the case with S&P, Kasich is using a finding that really is talking about things that were done in Ohio under Governor Strickland than anything done by Kasich.  (And there was no $8 billion deficit.  Kasich inherited a nearly $1 billion surplus that he was able to use to replenish the “rainy day” fund, which is what S&P was actually applauding.)

We all know how Kasich likes to model his governorship after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  Hey, what did CNBC say about New Jersey in their rankings this year?

The biggest overall decline came in New Jersey, which fell eight spots this year to 30th place overall largely because of the state’s budget situation—one of the worst in the nation, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. New Jersey is no garden spot when it comes to the Economy, which ranked 42nd in our study this year.

It’s absolutely shameless for Kasich to use what is actually praise for what Governor Strickland did and pass it off as praise for Kasich.  It’s absolutely pathetic that apparently nobody in the media calls him on it.

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  • What I found interesting again from Mr. Conservative  in this appearance, besides his churlish demeanor, was the specifically pointed comments  about leadership or lack of  values in business, in the nation, sports, and society in general. His holier than thou attitude is I believe pointed specifically at influencing those conservative christian voters he hopes to win over with his veiled comments, highly polished equivocations, and the glaring use of connotation words and phrases. Exactly what some mis-lead  and milk fed christians lean towards, especially when they are placed within the context of what is “right and wrong” as seen from a “righteous” person in authority. The best example of a connotation phrase was during his campaign add in which he said ” We are going to create an opportunity society in Ohio”  And in this interview, his reference to lack of leaderhip/values by allowing “thugs” to play football was priceless.

  • Xx

    An honest man would give praise to those who helped make the success possible.  John Kasich is not an honest man.

  • Xx

    An honest man would give praise to those who helped make the success possible.  John Kasich is not an honest man.

  • Rgtmwlly

    Guys, the jury is in on Ted Strickland. He was a colossal failure. Every newspaper has said as much and, uh, there was an election.

    There are lots of oddballs who to this day insist he South should have really won the Civil War. They have all sorts of reasons they insist on. Straight-faced.

    You guys apsound like those creeps.

  • Anonymous

    Which is why he left office with an approval rating that is higher than Kasich has ever polled anywhere. Kasich won with a less than 2% margin in what was the GOP’s largest watershed year in Ohio history.

    Polls showed a rematch would result in Strickland kicking Kasich back to the failed Fox News show he used to host.

    And Kasich didn’t get the endorsement of every paper.

    The jury is in on Kasich. He’s a colossal failure who has to resort to taking credit for what his predecessor did in order to try to lift his horrible job approval rating numbers. Quit the personal attacks and the nonsequiturs.

    You can’t handle the fact that someone fact checks Kasich and shows that he’s an empty suit who’s reduced for trying to take credit for what Strickland did.

  • Thanks for the video

  • Anonymous

    Why didn’t Dick Gregory ask Kasich if he is announcing his
    presidential bid for 2012 and/or 2016 during the recent Meet the Press
    program?  He certainly let Kasich launch
    his campaign without any criticism of his distorted statements, especially
    Kasich’s claims about how good he has been for Ohio.  Worse still was Gregory’s silence as the most
    hated governor in Ohio’s recent past told audiences that he advised the
    President, Vice President, and Speaker of the House about being thankful to God
    for their blessings.


    I think it is time to replace Gregory and put someone with
    more objectivity and less desire to repeat the glib of mainstream media in his
    place.  He has been a huge disappointment
    since his start.  What about getting a
    more probing authority, like Adam Green, to host this important show?  Enough of Dick Gregory and Kasich!!!

  • Here’s my most basic question: WHY does NBC keep inviting Kasich to appear on MTP? I made myself watch this yesterday, wanting to see for myself what Kasich could *possibly* contribute to a discussion of jobs creation. It’s like asking a termite to build a house – yes, a termite knows wood, but only how to destroy it, not use it to build. His half-truths and outright untruths made me sick. His statement about wiping out an $8 million shortfall was particularly offensive; he made no mention of how he did it, nor did Gregory or anyone else on the panel ask.

    Another very basic question: why are we (Ohioans) not filling the streets with visible protests against this hideous caricature of a governor on a daily basis? Are we that apathetic?

  • Anonymous

    Snappy comeback.  As always, devoid of any facts or rational thought.
    You can duck, dodge, and weave all you want, but you’ve yet to address the actual issue: John Kasich is citing praise meant for Strickland and claiming it for himself to boost his pathetic poll numbers.  If Ted Strickland has been judged a “failure” for barely losing re-election in one of the most pro-GOP tides in Ohio history, then what do you make of Kasich given his poll numbers?  You can’t even answer that because you have none.

    Yeah, people have pretty much made up their minds about Kasich by now given that polls show few are undecided about the guy.  And overwhelmingly, nearly half oppose him with his support nearly twenty points below his opposition.  Heck, he loses nearly a quarter of Republicans in the most recent polling.

    Ted Strickland NEVER polled as bad as Kasich has done in what should be his honeymoon period.  Ever.

    What’s Kasich’s re-election slogan going to be?

    “Kasich ’14: Just slightly better than Taft!”
    “Kasich ’14: Four more years (of taking credit for what Strickland did)!”

    The inescapable reality is that Ted Strickland left the State with a billion surplus and the fastest drop in unemployment this State has seen since 1983, and Kasich is trying to take credit for it despite do nothing more than passing a budget.

  • Real Get Real

    Strickland balanced the State budget, did not increase taxes, and kept education and Middle Class services fully funded.    The 400,000 job loss was directly attributed to the Great Recession caused by – Wall Street types like Kasich.

    Kasich spent $5.5 billion more, has yet to prove the budget is balanced (he’s depending on alot of future what-ifs to come true), cut education and most Middle Class services, enriched his wealthy contributors, and simply passed the tax-increase hot-potato to local schools and governments where the fight will get real personal.

    Kasich’s administration is full of shadowy deals to friends.  The recent gambling contract scandal proves that.  This posting from “Just saying” on the Dispatch forums on the company who got the sweetheart deal for the casinos.  If confirmed, it shows how the new administration moves “at the speed of business” with former Lehman buddies:

    Managing Directors at Moelis: 

    John Grady, Senior Advisor. He was most recently a Managing Director and Head of New Business Development at Athena Capital, an investment management firm based outside Boston. Previously, Mr. Grady was at Lehman Brothers where he was the Managing Director responsible for the Investment Management Division in New England. 

    Mr. Christopher Ryan; Prior to UBS, Mr. Christopher Ryan was Global Head of Syndicated Loans at Lehman Brothers, which he joined in 1992. He was the sole founder of the firm’s loan business. Mr. Ryan began his career at Salomon Brothers.

    Mr. Andrew Shore; Before Deutsche Bank, Mr. Andrew Shore was a Managing Director at both Paine Webber and Prudential Securities and began his career at Shearson Lehman Brothers.


  • I was married to my fourth wife for six months and, brother, that’s plenty of time to know you’ve been duped. Kasich is a liar and a Koch sucker. 

  • Anonymous

    Do you wait for the burglar to finish taking all your stuff before you call him a thief?

    You can pipe icing onto the steaming pile on the sidewalk, but it’ll still be a turd.

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