Or something like that.  This has to be the most brazen re-write of the Kasich Administration so far, and it comes from the conservative Washington Times:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a Republican, on Sunday touted the fact that since taking office in January, he has helped the Buckeye State turn its deficit into a surplus.

“In my state, where we faced an $8 billion deficit, we wiped it out. We eliminated it,” he said on “Meet the Press.”

Given that Kasich just passed his first budget a month ago, it would be incredibly remarkable for him to claim a surplus since, you know, we’re only three weeks into the budget.

Still trying to figure out how Kasich gets credit for a surplus from the last budget of Ted Strickland.  In essence, what Kasich is taking credit for is for lying for two years about there being an $8 billion budget deficit, and then taking credit when he’s proven wrong and left with a nearly $1 billion surplus instead.

Of course, the Washington Times completely ignores how the federal stimulus package was able to help States, like Indiana, post surpluses in the first place.  Obama and Strickland deserve the credit for the surplus, not Kasich.

That is unless we actually reward people for being made a fool of when their lies are finally revealed for the fiction they always were.

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