I love political tees!  Can’t seem to get enough of them.  I especially like it when they are for campaigns of people I know or support especially strongly.  I generally just like tee shirts period, but political tees are some of my favorites.  Ones with killer designs I almost always have to have.  Got one in the mail recently and wanted to share a quick video about it:

Support Anthony and his campaign at www.callmefoss.com.  Follow him on Twitter.  Like him on FacebookGet the tee shirt.  Buy the ticket.  Take the ride.

  • Adrienne


  • Well sheesh, Eric – how did I not get one of these here vids of you with my See Jill Run t-shirt in 2009? 

  • You know what? I have no clue. I was lamenting to Modern last night about how my only tee gap is yours I think! No idea how that happened. 🙁

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