From the daily archives: Thursday, July 21, 2011

“Ohio is building comprehensive evaluation and compensation plans that aim to identify and well-compensate great teachers based on multiple measures of their student achievement and their individual practice.  Ours is not a bonus plan.”  This is how the Ohio Department of Education explains the difference between the recently released study of the failed teacher merit pay system in New York and the one they are helping Governor Kasich create from scratch.

Except it’s not the Ohio Department of Education, it’s the Governor’s office pretending to be the Ohio Department of Education by using their website.

Quick update: Senate […]

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Earlier today, Secretary of State Jon Husted informed the “We Are Ohio” campaign that his office has officially certified that they collected the sufficient number of valid signatures to place SB 5 on a repeal ballot this November.

Here’s a copy of Secretary of State Jon Husted’s letter.

And here’s a chart from Husted’s office showing a county by county breakdown.  In order to get it on the ballot they had to get over 231,150 signatures with the signatures coming from the equivalent of at least 3% of the votes cast in the 2010 gubernatorial election in […]

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Senator Kris Jordan helped sneak language into the budget at the last minute that would block public hospitals and clinics in Ohio from providing abortions, tying the hands of Ohio’s physicians who work in publicly-funded hospitals and clinics and effectively telling women in Ohio that Ohio’s male politicians know what’s better for them than their own doctors.

According to Kellie Copeland, Jordan and Senate President Niehaus then “turned off their phones so none of our supporters could call and complain.”

Yesterday Jordan introduced another piece of legislation – SB201 – that effectively de-funds Planned Parenthood and other important […]

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In 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama won Ohio by five-points.  Four years later, Ohioans are split on whether Obama deserves a second term with 46% approving and 47% disapproving.  However, when it comes to the lackluster ’12 GOP Presidential field, Obama leads front-runner Mitt Romney by four points.  Obama’s approval rating is 46% and his disapproval rating is 50%.  So, while Ohioans equally disapprove of the job both Obama and Kasich are doing, Obama’s approval rating towers over Kasich by a difference of eleven points.

Sherrod Brown has the highest approval rating among Kasich, Portman, and Obama.  With 49% approving and 30% disapproving.  […]

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State Senator Kris Jordan says that he’s entitled to his privacy, even though he’s still under investigation of a crime.  Robert Mecklenborg said the same thing… a week or two before he resigned.

The one-time recipient of the Ohio Christian Alliance’s Local Elected Official of the Year says he made a mistake, but what was that mistake?

We had an emo­tional argu­ment and are embar­rassed that some very per­sonal issues have become pub­lic. We are all human. We make mis­takes.

The mistake was their domestic dispute became public? Senator Jordan’s wife didn’t make a mistake calling 911.  The […]

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