Senator Kris Jordan helped sneak language into the budget at the last minute that would block public hospitals and clinics in Ohio from providing abortions, tying the hands of Ohio’s physicians who work in publicly-funded hospitals and clinics and effectively telling women in Ohio that Ohio’s male politicians know what’s better for them than their own doctors.

According to Kellie Copeland, Jordan and Senate President Niehaus then “turned off their phones so none of our supporters could call and complain.”

Yesterday Jordan introduced another piece of legislation – SB201 – that effectively de-funds Planned Parenthood and other important providers of family planning services for Ohio’s women by re-prioritizing the distribution of federal family planning funds to go to the publicly funded hospitals and clinics – the same hospitals and clinics which he helped ban from providing abortions.

The department shall award funds with foremost priority given to eligible public entities that provide family planning services, including community health clinics and similar health facilities operated by state, county, or local government entities.

Brian wrote a great post yesterday calling out Jordan for his hypocrisy on this issue, but it seems worth mentioning again.

Jordan introduced this bill two days after we broke the news of the domestic dispute in which he was reportedly intoxicated, armed with a handgun, and ‘pushing around’ his wife.

Jordan introduced this bill on the same day he told he reporters he was on vacation with his wife – a claim we originally found unlikely and which seems even more so now that we know he was able to find time to introduce anti-abortion legislation.

Jordan introduced this bill on the same day he issued a statement to the press claiming that some “very personal issues have become public. We are all human. We make mistakes. Please allow us the space, time and privacy to work through this together. We ask for your prayers.”

Some time and space to make the best decision for themselves. A little privacy. And some prayers.

It seems to be that these are EXACTLY the same things Ohio’s women deserve.

It absolutely amazes me that Jordan would introduce a bill to further strip Ohio’s women of these rights on the same day he releases a statement to the press pleading for these same rights for himself.