State Senator Kris Jordan says that he’s entitled to his privacy, even though he’s still under investigation of a crime.  Robert Mecklenborg said the same thing… a week or two before he resigned.

The one-time recipient of the Ohio Christian Alliance’s Local Elected Official of the Year says he made a mistake, but what was that mistake?

We had an emo­tional argu­ment and are embar­rassed that some very per­sonal issues have become pub­lic. We are all human. We make mis­takes.

The mistake was their domestic dispute became public? Senator Jordan’s wife didn’t make a mistake calling 911.  The Delaware County 911 operators were exceptional in how they handled the situation.  And his wife did the right thing.  They didn’t make mistake.  “We” didn’t make mistakes.  Maybe Kris Jordan did, but nobody else.

"This is the first time I’ve called," she said. "He’s done this a lot. I can’t put up with this anymore.

Not a mistake.

"I made a mistake," she said. "I don’t want to go through with this anymore."

You didn’t make a mistake.

When I read the “joint statement” today, I can’t hear anything from Mrs. Jordan but that emotionally dead statement she kept saying during the 911 call.

“We’re all right.”

You’re not “all right.”

Kris Jordan began the day with news of the criminal investigation hitting the Columbus Dispatch.  He then introduced his newest piece of legislation, SB 201, to end state funding for… Planned Parenthood.  Kris Jordan in the last General Assembly co-sponsored HB 252, which would have made it illegal for any woman in Ohio to have an abortion without the permission of a man and made the performance of an abortion without male consent a crime.

There is a common thread between Mecklenborg and Jordan.  Both are pro-life, social conservatives who pride themselves as culture warriors.  Both wear their religion on their sleeves as much as their campaign literature.  Both view women as objects to control and use.  Kris Jordan, who his own wife says threatened to end his marriage if she dared to call the police, if she “made the mistake” of making what he was doing a public matter.  They are beyond conservative.  They are misogynistic and male chauvinists. What’s next, a bill requiring a husband’s consent before a woman can vote?  Sign a contract?

Both have mocked the notion that there exists in the United States Constitution an implicit right to privacy in which cases like Roe v. Wade and Griswold v. Connecticut rests on the floor of the State legislature.  Both have supported criminally prosecuting people involved in assisting a woman exercise her constitutional right to make her own decisions about her reproductive organs, only to demand privacy when they become a subject of a criminal investigation, public records be damned.  In their world, conservative politicians accused of crimes have more of a right to privacy than private citizens have on deeply personal medical and health issues.

Yes, nothing converts a pro-lifer in Ohio into believing in the right of privacy apparently, than investigating them for a crime regarding their “private lives.”  These conservatives who believe, even in the wake of the Wall Street collapse of 2008, that regulations have no place in business, but believe that regulations belong in every uterus in Ohio.  They hypocritically hate “big government” in providing health care insurance, but see no limit in government regulation of a woman’s reproductive organs. 

In the past month, we’ve seen one hypocritical Republican push for a bill that would require a valid drivers license to vote when he had none, and pro-CCW in bars advocate be investigated for a domestic dispute in which he was reportedly intoxicated and at some point, armed with a handgun.

Today, Governor Kasich signed an anti-choice bill into law that makes Ohio join the club of one of top six States with the most restrictive laws on a woman’s right to choose.  Because it’s all about jobs, don’t you know?  And that’s something else Mecklenborg and Jordan have in common.  They’re not just legislators.  They’ve been legislators that Governor Kasich has come to rely on to enact his radical agenda.  Mecklenborg introduced JobsOhio into the legislature.  Jordan gave us drilling for oil and gas interests in our State parks.

And that gets us to the other issue with Jordan.  The one that makes it unique to Mecklenborg.  Check your calendars.  The incident with Jordan occurred roughly twelve days after the Mecklenborg story was the talk of the town.  I cannot believe for a moment that when this happened Senator Jordan did not think to consult, inform, or warn Senate President Tom Niehaus or his caucus leadership about this incident.  Did Kasich know about Jordan?

But now, all we know is that less than twenty-hours after the story broke, the Jordans “went on vacation” and issued a “joint statement” in which Jordan pleads for the privacy he would deny every woman in Ohio.  Shine a little light on him, and he scurries away.

Why was Jordan in a panic over his wife calling 911?  It wasn’t just the usual stuff when abusers try to intimidate their victims from seeking outside help, to try to keep it “in the family.”  You have to imagine that Mecklenborg crossed his mind.  And so now we see Jordan scurrying from the light. That’s why it needs to be turned on him.

You know who else scurries away this quickly from the light?  Cockroaches.

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  • FredDavis

    This post is as pathetic as your previous.  You bring up abortion as if it is in any way relevant.  You are only trying to score political points and get more hits on your tabloid blog.   Good work Glenn Plunderbeck.

  • Anonymous

    Fed I will admit the abortion/domestic violence connection is a bit odd or even a weak argument. 

    Do you have any opinion on the domestic violence allegations?  Specifically, Domestic Violence Menacing, as the original police report indicated? 

    Just wondering what you have to say as one of the only opposing viewpoints on here. thx. My own opinion is a little skewed as I  have experience with literally  thousands of domestic violence incidents. 

  • Annekarina

    I get it Modern. Some men do not see woman as human beings.   Just objects to serve their purpose as long as they are useful.  When no longer useful, like a lifeless toy, cast aside.  But then often these same men do not have respect for themselves or each other either. 
    Perhaps the real story is if what they were doing in the state’s house was really proper for the state, in private and public, these men and women, would not be having such a difficult time in their own “private” lives.

  • Anonymous

    Fred, I do see a connection in that anti-abortion groups argue that there is no “right to privacy” issue for a woman.  If that is valid, then Jordan and Mecklenborg asking for privacy is also invalid. 

  • fairminded

    Great article Modern! It hits the nail on the head. The lone objector just doesn’t want to hear the truth!

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see that you are reading us at 1 a.m., Fred. 

    I guess the Columbus Dispatch, ONN, Gongwer, and every central Ohio media outlet is a “tabloid” because they’re covering this story just as we are.

    Abortion is relevant because these guys, like Mecklenborg did, have literally argued on the floor of the State legislature that suggesting there was a constitutional right to privacy is akin to Nazism.  The fact that Jordan believes that is should be a CRIME for a woman in Ohio to have an abortion without a man’s consent and this incident involving his wife says something about his attitude towards women. 

    If the best you can do in defending your team is to try to shoot the messenger, you missed.

  • Mr. Jordan does not have the right to privacy because he is elected. He works for his constituents and we all pay his salary.

    We (the people) own him, and we have the right to know every little ugly detail in his life.  Sounds like he is a menace to society and should be locked up (after due process). The court of public opinion might say “string up the wife beater”.

    Oops I forgot: Stay out of my bedroom, creepy monster. You and all the other radical Rethug perverts. Mind your own business. It would go a long way to your not being a creepy hypocrite. Family values party my ass…family values for us, no consequences for them.

  • Anonymous

    well…no response. Big surprise.

  • It isn’t an argument or even a connection really.  It’s an observation in how these guys heads work.  You will note in each case Mecklenborg and Jordan first asked for privacy.  The same privacy they were unwilling to grant pregnant women.  If there’s an argument, it would be that they are hypocritical but that information is prima facie.

    I don’t think Modern and I are making a connection between abortion and domestic violence at all.  There isn’t any.  The observation is the paternalistic, objectification of women that is consistent in their behavior. 

  • Anonymous

    …has the fact that Ohio has a “preferred arrest” policy in place when it comes to Domestic Violence been mentioned anywhere?  What that means is if the police arrive and find evidence of Domestic Violence, they are required to make an arrest even if the victim changes his/her mind and does not wish to prosecute. 

    The reason this law was enacted years ago is because so many victims of Domestic Violence are frightened into backing down, lying, etc by the time the cops come, or even more commonly, by the time it goes to court.

    I know the report listed Domestic Violence Menacing as the crime that occurred , so the rules are a little different for that. Very hard to get evidence with an uncooperative victim.

    Anyway, glad to see this story get legs, regardless of political party its a messed up situation. 

    Dude needs to go!

  • Anonymous

    understood sir, very much so . Kind of like the “well , your side does it too” argument that right wing types love to use.

  • Anonymous

    understood sir, very much so . Kind of like the “well , your side does it too” argument that right wing types love to use.

  • Greg Soper

    All Jordan was doing was disciplining his “woman” in his house while exercising his right to bear arms!

  • FredDavis

    I was in the air all day.  No wifi up there.

  • no gogo?

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