From the daily archives: Saturday, July 2, 2011

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Considering the budget contains so many unproven fiscal reform ideas, matched with deep cuts to local governments, the governor was asked whether he had any concern that this budget may not actually achieve the intended goals.

"It’s a good question," Kasich said. "We just have to execute. I mean, JobsOhio, has to execute. No missteps.”

So, the Kasich budget is as “structurally” balanced as the Kasich Administration is infallible.  This from a guy with a notorious history in Congress in making incorrect economic projections, then went onto to Lehman Brothers…. and JobsOhio is […]

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(HT: Plunderbund Facebook reader Rhonda Stoner)

Any time Governor Kasich talks about privatizing the Turnpike, he talks about how easy it’ll be for the State of Ohio to get a couple of billion dollars for it:

"Wouldn’t it be fantastic if I could take another country in Ohio called the turnpike, if I could privatize it and generate as much as $2.5 billion, potentially?—Gov. John Kasich [Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer, (02/10/11)]

After all, Kasich and his pro-privatization allies argue, Indiana was able to get $3.8 billion for leasing its Turnpike.  Even with the credit markets as they are, we […]

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Several of you, and us included, had been wondering why Mecklenborg’s car had temporary Kentucky tags (it was a 2004 Lexus with a broken headlight.)

Perhaps, the reason the answer alluded us is that we assumed too much.

Here’s what we know for sure:

Mecklenborg has an Ohio drivers’ license (that appeared to have been expired at the time of his arrest.) He was driving a vehicle with a temporary tag issued by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. His passenger, Tiona Roberts, produced to the officer a Kentucky drivers’ license.

So, other than the fact that he was the driver, what […]

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I was really starting to feel sorry for Bob Mecklenborg. But after watching this video, I’m convinced he probably deserves whatever is coming to him.

From the minute he is pulled over, Mecklenborg acts like a complete jerk toward the officer. He refuses to take a breath test while completely denying having had anything to drink and once he’s asked to get out of the car, one of the first things he says is “I’m a lawyer”.

He proceeds to clearly fail all three parts of the standard field sobriety test, each time giving the trooper a hard time […]

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