I was really starting to feel sorry for Bob Mecklenborg. But after watching this video, I’m convinced he probably deserves whatever is coming to him.

From the minute he is pulled over, Mecklenborg acts like a complete jerk toward the officer. He refuses to take a breath test while completely denying having had anything to drink and once he’s asked to get out of the car, one of the first things he says is “I’m a lawyer”.

He proceeds to clearly fail all three parts of the standard field sobriety test, each time giving the trooper a hard time while acting annoyed and inconvenienced. He continues talking about being a lawyer, and blaming his inability to follow the officer’s finger with eyes on random dudes walking around in the parking lot (4:00 mins in)

The officer really gives him every chance, and is very polite and professional throughout the process. But Meck continues to act like a jerk up until the end when Meck clearly realizes he is completely screwed and the officer finally gives up, arrests him for DUI, and tells Bob what he should have said at the very beginning of the process:

“I don’t care if you’re a lawyer or not. This isn’t Ohio, this is Indiana. We do things a little different here.”

The other telling part of this video is the last few seconds where Bob, in handcuffs and sitting in the back of the trooper’s car, seems VERY concerned that his 26 year old “companion” Tiona Roberts be allowed to immediately leave the scene. He asks multiple times. Like he REALLY wants her to just go away.

Props to WLWT in Cincy for beating us to the punch on the dash cam video.