Several of you, and us included, had been wondering why Mecklenborg’s car had temporary Kentucky tags (it was a 2004 Lexus with a broken headlight.)

Perhaps, the reason the answer alluded us is that we assumed too much.

Here’s what we know for sure:

  1. Mecklenborg has an Ohio drivers’ license (that appeared to have been expired at the time of his arrest.)
  2. He was driving a vehicle with a temporary tag issued by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
  3. His passenger, Tiona Roberts, produced to the officer a Kentucky drivers’ license.

So, other than the fact that he was the driver, what evidence do we have that the car is Mecklenborg’s?  None.  So, if you take out that assumption that since he was driving it was his car it was his car, what does the available evidence point to?  That it was not his car, but likely Tiona Roberts.

Which then begs the question: where did Mecklenborg leave his car he had to have driven to get to Indiana while driving the car he was arrested in?

Sorry, we were that slow on this one.  Duh.

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