From Marc Kovac @ Dix Newspapers/Ohio Capital Blog:

This was Governor Kasich during this morning’s press conference that was supposed to be a celebration between he and the GOP legislative leadership on that miracleous thing of getting a budget through with just hours to spare despite having to overcome the burdens that come with one-party rule in Ohio.

This is John Kasich when he’s riding high, folks.  This is Kasich when he’s celebrating something. Nothing says I’m not a partisan than using the Fox News-approved term “Democrat Party.” Sentencing reform? It was in Strickland’s last budget, virtually down to the letter.

There so much irony in here that watching this clip will cure anemia.  John Kasich lamenting that things aren’t like the non-partisan days of… the post-1994 Gingrich Congress.  The same John Kasich who came into his present office telling folks you either stood with him and got on the bus, or you get run over.  The same bipartisan Kasich who in 1993 voted against Bill Clinton’s first budget saying that if it didn’t send the country back into a recession, he’d become a Democrat.  It didn’t, and Kasich welched. John Kasich who supported the Bush tax cuts, the deregulation of the financial industry, and the Iraq War, calls the lawsuit over Mark Kvamme’s eligibility to serve under the constitution “the most irresponsible thing he’s ever seen in politics.” Really?

I know it’s trendy for Republicans to not believe in evolution, but apparently they don’t believe in causation, either.  Just look at the lack of ownership the Ohio GOP is expecting Mecklenborg to take for the “difficult situation” he finds himself in. They jammed JobsOhio down our throats and largely ignored any efforts by Democrats to make it a better bill.  Then came SB 5.  Then this budget.   How many times do we see images of the Governor meeting with the Republicans?  How many with the Democrats?  How many newspaper stories have we read in which major legislation was revised behind closed doors with just the Governor’s folks and the legislative GOP leadership?  Just look at InvestOhio!  The Democrats on the House-Senate Conference Committee had virtually no information (and no time to read the language buried in a 5,000 page bill) to evaluate it. 

Congratulations, Governor, thanks to you, I’ve found someone who invokes an even worse emotional reaction in me every time I hear him speak than George Bush.  Apparently, modesty and humility is something that Kasich has never studied in that Bible book of his.  His rash brand of undeserved pompishness and self-congratulatory attitude on doing nothing more than what the constitution requires of him to do: balance the budget.  And he did it with a better fiscal and political hand than his predecessor did.  The fiscal part due in no small part to what his predecessor did.  And yet he continues to preen for the second straight day in yet another event that honors nothing more than the fact he got to write his name on a budget that his political friends moved heaven and earth to pass (after watering it down.)

Then he attacks ProgressOhio for suing his Administration for that radical liberal agenda of… enforcing the constitution.  You can see how Kasich is still seething over Mark Kvamme’s unconstitutional appointment.  He suggests that the constitution had nothing to do with Kvamme, so Governor, why did you let them win?  To date, the Governor has never had to answer that question.

And the opposition to Kasich’s isn’t borne out of partisanship.  Public opinion polls show he’s lost independents and, on average, a quarter of his own party.

Looks like the Governor decided to start the Fourth of July fireworks early.

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