As Modern pointed out earlier this evening, we discovered today that Republican State Representative Robert Mecklenborg was arrested half drunk, with Viagra in his system, back in April.

According to the arrest records, Mecklenborg was pulled over near the Burger King at the corner of Lorey Lane and US 50 in Lawrenceburg Indiana. Records indicate that a woman named Tiona Roberts was in the car when he was pulled over.

According to Google Maps, there are only two points of interest – besides the Burger King, of course – on Route 50 in this area. One is the Hollywood casino and the other is the Concepts Show Girls strip club, which is less than a two minute drive from where Mecklenborg was pulled over.

I haven’t been there, but Yelp’s trusted reviewers tell me that Concepts is THE place to stop if you “need a quick bit of action before or after” visiting the casino. “You won’t be disapppointed (sic).”

We did a little research and discovered that Ms. Roberts has personal connections to Concepts Show Girls which, in our opinion, likely indicate she works there.

It’s certainly possible that Mecklenborg, 59, and Roberts, 26, are just old friends. Or maybe they met at the local Burger King after bonding over the new Viagra shake. Or maybe he was just giving her a ride to work after her car broke down on Route 50.

I fully admit, I don’t know WHY Ms. Roberts was riding around with a drunk and viagra-filled Mecklenborg. But I can make some guesses, and I’m sure you can too.

All I know for sure is this: a very attractive 26 year old woman who has connections to a strip club in Lawrenceburg, Indiana was in the car with 59 year old Republican State Representative Robert Mechlenborg at 12:08AM when he was pulled over by the Indiana State Police and subsequently tested positive for alcohol and Viagra.

I’m taking bets that Mechlenborg resigns before the end of the day on Friday. I’m going to go out on a limb as say… exactly 4:58PM on the dot.

Any takers?