From the daily archives: Sunday, June 12, 2011

“Crazy” is the word Ohio House Speaker William Batchelder used to describe the Ohio Senate’s changes to the House-approved budget bill, most specifically the removal of teacher evaluations and performance pay.

In response, Senate President Tom Niehaus said, “We want to honor the commitment that almost half of the school districts in the state of Ohio have already worked out with their teachers unions and administration [through Race to the Top].”  If this explanation by Niehaus can be trusted, then he made the correct call.  The House version of the bill guaranteed that millions of dollars in Race to […]

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Kasich will tell you he wants to spend “more dollars in the classroom” and that he wants to “improve our schools” but today he attended the graduation ceremonies at ECOT – an online, for-profit charter school with one of the worst graduation rates in the state and an operator who is one of the biggest Republican donors in Ohio.

ECOT, The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, is the 21st largest “district” in the state of Ohio. As Greg pointed out last month, the state spent $59,978,866 on the school last year – millions of which seem to go directly […]

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