From the daily archives: Tuesday, June 7, 2011

John Kasich recently announced Diebold would be receiving over $100 million in State and local economic development dollars including tax credits and loans to help move its headquarters. Kasich says we had to give them the money or else they were certainly going to leave the state.

Diebold, however, never seriously considered leaving Ohio and the company even told the Strickland administration they weren’t seriously considering it. But Diebold still wanted the money so they hired a company to get them an offer letter from North Carolina just so they could use it to extort cash out […]

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Back in 2008, Ohio Daily caught Republican State Sen. Steve Austria Plagiarizing his Labor Day column in the Xenia Gazette from a Department of Labor publication.

It looks like he’s done the same thing with his Memorial Day message this year.

Austria’s email newsletter, sent to supporters on May 30, 2011, contains a long and detailed segment about the history of Memorial day that was ripped off – word for word – from a piece from a 2007 written by Gary Kurpius, VFW National Commander, titled “The Meaning of Memorial Day, A Memorial Day Message”.

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