From the daily archives: Thursday, June 16, 2011

Remember Ohioans, organized labor is the enemy.  One of the most damning things about those labor unions is that they are SO organized, especially when it comes to politics.  Fundraising, rallying, donating to campaigns and issues, and lobbying politicians are all pieces of the allegedly overwhelming influence that unions are having at the State Capitol.  A local Tea Party website even goes so far as to say that “Ohio’s Democrats are bought and paid for by the unions.”  Sickening, right?  Teachers represent the largest union in the state and they have been a common site at rallies the last few […]

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Weeks after launching their astroturfing, pro-SB 5 “grassroots” political campaign, Building a Better Ohio still only has 388 people who “like” them on Facebook. Plunderbund has over ten times as many fans.

In case you had any doubt that Better Ohio was just an extension of Kasich’s campaign, today they went and provided the proof: a fundraising email sent by the Kasich campaign urging people to visit Better Ohio.

“Grassroots coalition of Ohioans” my ass.

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One Ohio United, the non-profit founded by Kasich’s campaign staff to help promote his budget sent out a mailer this week that is basically one big long list of old data, disproved myths and outright lies.

The cover is a copy of a Dispatch article from 2009 that predicts the possibility of an $8 Billion deficit in 2012. We’ve debunked this stupid myth so many times it’s starting to get tedious. Kasich’s own people never believed there was an $8 billion deficit, and the fact that they couldn’t find a more recent headline is pretty telling. […]

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