From the daily archives: Thursday, June 9, 2011

When Governor Kasich rolled out his original budget proposal, he culminated a months-long effort of trying to convince the citizens of Ohio that major reforms were needed for K-12 Education.  Senate Bill 5, while not a significant part of the original budget bill was a major player in this education reform.  So assured was the Governor about the necessity of these changes, the headline in his Reforms Book reads:


Needed?  I confess that until Senate Bill 5 was rolled out in February, I never realized how far the state of […]

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At the risk of beating a dead horse, we just can’t let this one go.  We’ve posted ad nauseum about the teacher testing provision as it has evolved in the budget bill starting with the Governor, moving through the House, changing in the Senate during the first set of amendments, and changing one last time before passing on the Senate floor.

In the last revision, a sentence was added to the end of section B:

No teacher shall be responsible for the cost of taking an examination under this division.

Nothing else.  No mention […]

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Butler and Warren Counties is about as deep red of a county with a significant population that you’re going to find in Ohio.  The default GOP political map for any statewide campaign is to run up the score to offset the Democratic advantages in Cleveland and Youngstown.  These are the counties that Ken Blackwell still managed to carry despite getting only 36% statewide.

These counties are not just controlled by Republicans, the GOP holds every virtually partisan office to the point that many Democrats are technically registered Republicans because the GOP primary is just about the only contested race voters […]

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