From the daily archives: Monday, June 20, 2011

For over a year now Ohio’s Tea Partyers at the Ohio Liberty Council have been trying, with limited success, to gather enough signatures for a ballot initiative to “repeal” federal health care reform legislation in Ohio by amending the Ohio constitution.

Despite their best efforts, the Ohio Liberty Council has had a hell of a time getting enough Ohio voters to sign their petitions for the proposed amendment. They’ve been working on it since last spring and I’ve seen them at tons of public events with their crazy “STOP FORCED HEALTH CARE” banners. County fairs. Local festivals. They […]

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Missing in the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s editorial about the Republican legislators effort in the legislator to put a health care repeal amendment (with the support of conserva-Democrat Senator Jason Wilson, who’s claim to fame was that he jeopardized his dad’s chances to succeed Ted Strickland in Congress by flubbing his dad’s nominating petitions, triggering a write-in primary campaign) on the ballot.

Tim Grendell, who is angling for a judicial appointment from the Kasich Administration and needs to do something to earn their good graces after opposing SB 5, is pushing for SJR 1, which would put on the Full Story...

During the Senate’s floor debate of the State budget, Senate Finance Chairman Chris Widener pointed to the fact that the State’s revenues came below estimate in May as evidence that it’s premature to talk about a Strickland surplus providing additional funding beyond the draconian cuts to schools, cities, and nursing homes because the economic recovery in Ohio is fragile. 

“You know the revenue estimates for the month of May? I think the (Senate) President (Niehaus) mentioned after session. We’re down for the month as compared to estimated revenue,” he told reporters. “That’s not a good sign. That’s basically a […]

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On Sunday the Dispatch ran a piece titled Casino deal a win for almost everyone, completely forgetting that they had called a much better deal “a rip off” just two years earlier.

The deal in question, proposed by John Kasich, allows racetrack owners to place VLTs (slots) at their tracks in exchange for a $50 million license fee and 33.5 percent tax on revenue.

The fee and tax rate of Kasich’s deal are MUCH lower than the deal proposed by Strickland back in 2009 of a $65 million license fee and a 50 percent tax on revenue. Clearly […]

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Once again we find ourselves face-to-face with the Ohio Charter School.  In recent months, and even years, we have posted a number of articles critical of the charter school process.  Recently, a PB reader told us that she was growing increasingly frustrated and found herself scanning the education posts because she felt the articles were using apples-to-oranges comparisons and were unnecessarily misleading regarding the performance of charter schools in Ohio.  I disagreed with her then and still disagree now as to her assertion because by claiming that charter schools are part of a reform effort for Ohio education […]

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