From the daily archives: Thursday, June 30, 2011

Give the guys at Weapons of Mass Discussion credit, they’re willing to go where Speaker Batchelder and the rest of the GOP won’t.

In separate posts, contributors Matt Hurley and Mark publicly call for State Representative Mecklenborg to resign.  Hurley appears particularly offended by Speaker Batchelder’s weak statement this evening:

These "responses" are weak.  Whatever happened to "zero-tolerance"?

Yeah, GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine, what ever happened to “zero-tolerance?

After his election as chairman, he introduced a 10-point strategy, called the Leading Ohio Plan, designed to center the Ohio Republican Party’s political resurgence on a set of […]

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The following statement is permitted for republication and attribution on behalf of Plunderbund Media, LLC, an Ohio limited liability company and in response to Speaker Batchelder’s statement concerning State Representative Mecklenborg (R-Green Township):

“On behalf of Plunderbund, we share the Speaker’s sympathies to the pain, embarrassment and humiliation that State Representative Mecklenborg’s wife, children, and the rest of his family may be suffering right now.  However, this is not, as the Speaker suggested, a ‘situation’ that is happening.  This is something that is the direct consequence of the Representative’s alleged actions and behavior.   If the Speaker and Representative Mecklenborg […]

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WLWT Channel 5 in Cincinnati admits they’ve been trying to track down whether Mecklenborg’s female passenger was a female stripper at a nearby gentleman’s club:

WLWT has been working to confirm reports that the woman works as a stripper at a club in Lawrenceburg. No one at the club would confirm her employment, but an employee at the club told WLWT they would pass along a message to her. (emphasis added.) Um…. if she doesn’t work there, how do you know you can give her a message?!? Meanwhile, WLWT reports that  Mecklenborg has issued a new statement tonight that […]

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As Modern pointed out earlier this evening, we discovered today that Republican State Representative Robert Mecklenborg was arrested half drunk, with Viagra in his system, back in April.

According to the arrest records, Mecklenborg was pulled over near the Burger King at the corner of Lorey Lane and US 50 in Lawrenceburg Indiana. Records indicate that a woman named Tiona Roberts was in the car when he was pulled over.

According to Google Maps, there are only two points of interest – besides the Burger King, of course – on Route 50 in this area. One is […]

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