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Four years ago, Ohio had a Governor with a 64% approval rating (and that was among Republicans, meaning that at this point in their respective term, Republicans pretty much approved of Ted Strickland’s performance as they do of Kasich’s.)  In fact, if you look at the recent PPP poll, Strickland’s performance with Republicans is actually better than Kasich’s approval rating within his own party is.

Gov. Strickland is absolutely correct that Sherrod Brown and Obama have benefitted politically from the extreme Kasich agenda as well as their support for the auto industry (which is while […]

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You’ve got to read Mark Naymik’s story in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

On Sunday, Naymik reported that a private lottery operator had its lobbyist hand deliver a written piece of legislation to the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee that would… amazingly, privatize the Ohio Lottery Commission’s operations.  The company presenting the proposal just happens to have retained longtime political confident Donald G. Thibaut as a lobbyist.

Mind you, there never was a single witness, let alone a single hearing, that discussed the merits of privatization of the Lottery Commission.  Normally, such privatization efforts are the subject of […]

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Plunderbund contributor Greg Mild just finished testifying in the Senate on the budget bill, specifically on a provision that would require all of the core subject area teachers in the lowest performing 10% of schools across the state to retake the Praxis II tests that apply to their teaching assignment.

As Greg points out, the exam creators specifically indicate against using the exams for this purpose.

Moreover, forcing teachers to retake exams they already passed will cost these teachers millions in fees out of their own pockets. These fees will go directly to the company (ETS) that […]

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First, we had the unconstitutional appointment of Mark Kvamme to the Ohio Department of Development that had to be undone.   Then we had the appointment of Scott Nally had to be redone because at the time Kasich initially appointed him, Nally, too, was constitutionally ineligible to serve (even though he had already started serving as the Director of the Ohio EPA while still being constitutionally ineligible.)

But that was just the State’s constitution.  No big deal right?


In February, former Democratic State Representative George Distel announced his retirement as Director of the […]

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Just sayin’

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With absolutely no press coverage, no promotion from one of the major State parties [thanks for nothing, Redfern… ;)], or any promotion by prominent Ohio politicians,  I’ve noticed that last Wednesday (May 25th) we got more new Facebook followers in a day than the new pro-SB 5 “grassroots” political campaign got in its first day yesterday.  (For the record, this was written at 11:30 a.m., roughly 24 hours after I first noticed the “Building a Better Ohio” Facebook page premiered.)

Think about that for a second.  We, a blog, was able to get just as many […]

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Welcome Kasichstan, where the Governor issues veiled veto threats if the legislature considers more funding for schools, seniors and local governments!

Here’s Governor Grumpy Pants in today’s Columbus Dispatch:

Gov. John Kasich said the Senate’s version of the two-year budget shares his overall vision, but he warned that he soon will grow cold to additional spending.

"We are watching spending very carefully," Kasich said. "We cannot put ourselves back in the hole by spending too much. There can be some give, but if there’s much more, we’re going to have a problem with it."

John Kasich is still seething […]

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