From the daily archives: Thursday, June 2, 2011

If the primary were help today, polling indicates that Ohio’s Republicans would choose Ken Blackwell as their candidate to run against Senator Sherod Brown in 2012 – by a surprisingly large margin.

It seems Ohio’s conservatives have a special place in their hearts for Ken’s unique brand of social conservative craziness which he let run wild during the 2006 race for Governor. Ken’s homophobia and misogyny won him the gubernatorial primary – and some big fans among “real” conservatives – but it made for some really bad general election sound bites (e.g. NAMBLA) and certainly contributed to his […]

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As we’ve been discussing, the Senate has included language in the budget that will force the state to effectively sell the Ohio Lottery to a private company by next June.

The language was delivered to chairman of the Senate finance committee Chris Widener by long-time Republican political operative Mike Dawson who is now working at a lobbyist for one of the two companies vying for the lottery privatization contract.

Dawson, along with Kasich’s longtime political confident Don Thibaut, were recently hired as a lobbyists for GTECH – a company specializing in lottery operations that stands to reap […]

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