From the daily archives: Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kasich and his henchman really seem to know no bounds.

As we discussed earlier, Kasich refused to attend the unveiling of Governor’s Strickland’s Statehouse portrait yesterday. And now we’re hearing other Republicans were told not to attend either.

And in case anyone decided to ignored the memo: Kasich’s confidante and top lobbyist Robert “Bob” Klaffky was there writing down names.

We’re told he was there to intimidate Republican lobbyists who would like to stay on good terms with the Administration, and we have no reason to doubt this explanation given ever growing list of other Full Story...

I’ll admit it.  I’m skeptical that Ted Strickland will really run for Governor in a rematch come 2014.  Maybe because it’s just the novelty of it.  Maybe it’s because Ted had told so many people publicly last year that it would be his “last election.”

But the more I see of Ted (from afar), the more it starts to make sense.   After all, he only lost by some 70,000 in what will likely be the high water mark for GOP turnout advantage in Ohio for the foreseeable future.  November 2010, so far at least, appears to be the high water […]

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