From the daily archives: Sunday, June 26, 2011

What happens when you spend much of your first year in office waging war against public employee’s retirement benefits?  Well, anecdotally, the Columbus Dispatch reports this morning you see a massive spike in retirements in the public sector as employees who were already eligible for retirement decide its better to retire now and get the benefits you were promised than risk what Governor Kasich and the GOP legislature is considering taking away.

So, instead of taking pressure off the state pension funds who had been battered by the collapse on Wall Street that start with Lehman Brothers’ […]

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If I had any doubt about the current state of Ohio’s Democrats – thinking even for a minute that they aren’t fired up, motivated and looking forward to killing SB5 in November and kicking ass in 2012 – tonight’s ODP State Dinner removed them.

Early in his speech Vice President Joe Biden clearly articulated the important take-away from tonight’s event: 2012 WILL NOT be like 2010.

Biden started his speech praising Governor Strickland, calling him “one of the finest men or women I have ever met” and noting that Ted’s loss was the one that personally disappointed him the most […]

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