From the daily archives: Thursday, June 23, 2011

You think I’m kidding?

Republican leaders in the legislature have set their schedule for the rest of the year and it only includes 9 actual session days plus an additional ten days when they may, or may not, meet.

July 2 if-needed days August 0 days September 5 if-needed days October 3 if-needed days November 5 days December 4 days


That’s 9 days for sure. 10 possible days. 19 total days in session. In six months.

Base salary for lawmakers in the House is $60,584 a year, but most earn more for leadership positions and many state […]

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Here’s Governor Kasich during his State of the State address:

Republicans and Democrats have long favored sentencing reform. Oh, we didn’t get to this because we were afraid also. Forty-seven percent of our inmates sit in our state prisons for less than a year and they sometimes sit next to hardened criminals. It raises the recidivism rate, costs taxpayers a fortune. Again, to everyone who’s here, 47 percent of people are in that prison for less than a year and we’re sticking them in there next to somebody who’s been a hardened criminal, a murderer, or God knows what […]

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I almost feel sorry for poor little Senate Bill 5, a victim of grotesque political scientific experiments by its own creator.  First, they considered cloning parts of Senate Bill 5 into the State budget bill.  Now, the Columbus Dispatch reports that Governor Kasich and other SB 5 supporters are putting pressure on Secretary of State Jon Husted and other members of the Ohio Ballot Board to divide the SB 5 referendum into multiple issues, as opposed to a straight up or down vote on Senate Bill 5.   The […]

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Venture capitalist Mark Kvamme was Kasich’s original choice for Director of Ohio’s Department of Development – the cabinet agency responsible for business development activities for the state.

His appointment was never approved by the Senate. Instead, Kasich removed him and gave him a new, made up role as director of job creation for the State of Ohio when it became clear that Kvamme was not constitutionally eligible to serve because he’s a resident of California.

Today Kvamme confirmed a long-running rumor that Kasich has all but promised him the role as head of JobsOhio.

The important take-away […]

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