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We Love You Back

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Yesterday, we alerted our Twitter followers and Facebook fans about The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza’s search for the best state based political blogs.  We got snubbed in 2009. Sniff. Sniff. Determined to make it this time, we asked you our beloved readers to chime in and recommend us.

Boy did you!

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As we’ve already mentioned, Mecklenborg’s license was expired when he was pulled over in April, drunk, pumped up on Viagra, with a woman half his age in the car.

During the video of the incident, he lies, again and again and again, to the officer claiming he isn’t drunk and hasn’t had anything to drink. He later tested over the legal limit for alcohol.

The police report clearly shows that his license was expired. It also shows that he claims to weigh 175 pounds.

Here’s the report:

And here’s a shot of Mecklenborg taking the […]

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