From the daily archives: Sunday, July 3, 2011

Given that the House and Senate are safely controlled by his Republican brethren, it’s unsurprising that Governor Kasich vetoed only seven items in the budget. But it’s curious that a facility in Twinsburg that serves developmentally disabled kids and adults wound up in the Governor’s crosshairs.

Legislators set aside $62,500 in each fiscal year for the Hattie Larlham Home out of state Medicaid program funds; the Home offers work opportunities for people with disabilities, as well as a creative arts program and autism preschool. The reason Kasich gave for the veto was that the earmark treated […]

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The political landscape has shifted and it is time for Americans to step back and re-evaluate their political affiliation. I will readily admit that this is a purely partisan act that is in direct response to the partisan acts of Ohio’s 129th General Assembly and Governor John Kasich, since the very word partisan means beings partial to a party. ┬áThe two dominant pieces of legislation to be passed by Republicans and signed by the Republican Governor were Senate Bill 5, the union killer, and House Bill 153, the state’s “budget bill.” ┬áBoth bills were prime examples of partisan politics at […]

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