From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Considering the budget contains so many unproven fiscal reform ideas, matched with deep cuts to local governments, the governor was asked whether he had any concern that this budget may not actually achieve the intended goals.

"It’s a good question," Kasich said. "We just have to execute. I mean, JobsOhio, has to execute. No missteps.”

So, the Kasich budget is as “structurally” balanced as the Kasich Administration is infallible.  This from a guy with a notorious history in Congress in making incorrect economic projections, then went onto to Lehman Brothers…. and JobsOhio is in the hands of a California venture capitalist who has no real policymaking or broad economic development experience.  A guy who has such tunnel vision he cannot conceptualize economic development beyond the context of venture capital, which is actually a very small component in the private sector of economic development entities.  It’s all up to Kvamme, a guy who gave us the Bob Evans, Diebold, and American Greetings deals.

At this point, we should start selling ads to Goldline or something.

I mean, if the fiscal soundness of the budget relies on the infallibility an Administration that got Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and St. Patrick’s Day confused, WE. ARE. BONED.


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