Andrew Tobias reports for the Delaware Gazette the following joint statement by State Senator Kris Jordan and his wife Delaware County Recorder Melissa issued via email:

Like many cou­ples, we have stress­ful lives.  We had an emo­tional argu­ment and are embar­rassed that some very per­sonal issues have become pub­lic. We are all human. We make mis­takes. Please allow us the space, time and pri­vacy to work through this together. We ask for your prayers.

Spray, pray, and hope it goes away.  Several things bother me about a “joint statement”.  Melissa was obviously threatened and physically “pushed around” in the course of the domestic incident that occurred on July 11th.  Having her join you in a joint release strikes me as yet another slap to her.

The other obvious thing is something we’ve pointed out before relative the Mecklenborg Affair.  Privacy!  They all want privacy when they fuck up.  How dare we invade their private lives by highlighting the hypocrisy of their political views with the way they live their lives.  Today’s GOP is all about family values until their not.  Then they want privacy.  Privacy obviously isn’t much of a concern when these same legislators are restricting reproductive rights of the same women they either cheat on, objectify, or push around.

Mistakes.  Yes.  We all make them.  Sometimes singular mistakes even jeopardize lives and are met with harsh rebuke.  Other mistakes are repeated over and over until the victim of your “mistakes” is compelled to call for help – literally.

There is a thread that seems to flow through both the Mecklenborg Affair and the Jordan Call.  Paternalistic views that see women as property and objects to be controlled.  It seems to be pervasive among today’s GOP, all the way up to the Governor’s office.