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A lot of things can cause stress: work, school, or even the fact that Ohio is 12 days past the constitutional deadline to pass a budget and we still don’t have one. Whatever is on your mind, take a moment to get inspired by State Senator Theresa Gavarone and find your zen.

Yes, Gavarone and our other Republican lawmakers have let down their constituents, put our credit and state funding at risk, and generally failed at their jobs. But has that stopped them from taking time off and having fun? Of course not!

If Theresa Gavarone can be this at-peace […]

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Kasich Budget promises cuts to vital programs

In two weeks, Govenor Kasich will introduce his last state budget, and early indications suggest it will reduce services for people who need them the most to pay for tax cuts for people who need them least.

Why cuts? There are two reasons Kasich is asking his agencies to cut spending. First, tax revenue is not growing as fast as forecasts suggested, which is hardly surprising when the state cut income taxes, primarily on those at the very top, for 11 of the past 12 years. On top of the revenue shortfall, Republicans still want […]

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Democratic State Senator Kenny Yuko, who represents the 25th District and is the primary sponsor of SB 25, talked Tuesday about his bill to increase Ohio’s minimum wage shortly after House Republican leadership presented highlights of a substitute budget bill, HB 64, that veers sharply away from the record-setting executive budget presented by Gov. John Kasich. The bill has many highlights, one of which is that it reduces the governor’s historic-high budget bill by $775 million.

GOP’s Ryan: Market Responsible For Boosting Wages And Benefits

GOP leadership said Sub. H.B. 64 cuts taxes, ensures state […]

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The Plundercrew has spent a lot of time detailing the anti-woman aspects of Kasich’s budget (with more surely to come!) as well as its regressive tax swap. It should come as little surprise that Kasich’s tax plan is, at its essence:

Cut taxes that men pay and raise taxes that women pay

The Kasich plan raises some taxes and lowers others. I still haven’t seen revenue estimates, so we’ll treat each aspect as having a generally equal impact.

Kasich Cuts:

Income tax: Ohio taxes earned income by 0.5% to 5%, depending on […]

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We’ve barely scratched the surface of Gov. Kasich’s 6000-page hate letter to women. The new budget will make it much more difficult for pregnant women to enroll in Medicaid and access timely prenatal care. This will result in the actual death of actual babies.

The budget actually undermines all seven parts of the Ohio Department of Health plan to address infant mortality. I want to focus on the process of enrolling in Medicaid.

In Ohio, 40% of deliveries are covered by Medicaid. This ODH report from 20091 gives a lot of insight into the effects of Medicaid coverage, […]

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Women who miscarry in Ohio will now be given propaganda intended to coerce women into giving birth, and face a 24-hour waiting period to think it over.

This is part of the same amendment that will require an ultrasound before birth control. In addition to redefining “pregnancy”, it also redefines “medical emergency”.

What to expect when you have pregnancy complications

Except in very narrow circumstances (see below), your OB-GYN will face criminal penalties if you aren’t subjected to the ICMS (Informed-Consent Mansplaining and Shaming) before he treats your miscarriage. The ICMS is generally bad enough; when you […]

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Two nights ago I posted about a last-second anti-woman amendment to the Ohio budget, which awaits Governor Kasich’s signature. Because of the large quantity of commentary, I’d like to clarify with a second post.

The lens for viewing the last-second undebated ultrasound provision in the Ohio budget is that of Personhood, not of Heartbeat legislation. Why? Because it defines “pregnancy” as:

the human female reproductive condition that begins with fertilization, when the woman is carrying the developing human offspring, and that is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period of the woman.

And it defines “fetus” […]

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John Kasich has a new Jindal-Lite plan to raise taxes on Ohioans, and the legislature has 1 week to mull it over.

The conference committee for the Ohio budget has reported out a plan with completely different tax provisions than either chamber. It dramatically raises sales taxes and property taxes to finance a tax cut for business investors and an income tax cut for the rich, with a number of other brand new changes.

Whose taxes are going up?

Pays sales tax Doesn’t pay sales tax Ohioans who buy things Non-Ohioans People with no […]

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Kasich: What are we going to do tonight?

Senate GOP: The same thing we do every night. Try to ban abortion in Ohio.


A provision has been added to the Senate budget bill that intends to close most of Ohio’s abortion clinics. It would ban public hospitals from entering transfer agreements and allow the director of the Ohio Department of Health to reject the new agreements with private hospitals.

I wonder why they can’t find time to learn about Medicaid?

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are required by Ohio law to have agreements with hospitals to transfer patients […]

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Every Republican voted to pass a state budget that won’t add jobs, but will add to the infant mortality rate. It’s simply too Orwellian to call it a “Jobs Budget” when they’re spending a billion dollars to shut down 27,000 jobs.

In 2009, the state government issued a 7-point plan to reduce Ohio’s infant mortality rate. On Thursday, the Ohio House passed a budget which specifically undermines each of those 7 points. If they don’t expand Medicaid, the Pregnancy and Parenting Program will increase Ohio’s infant mortality rate–particularly if family planning is defunded.

Infant Mortality in Ohio


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Rep. Amstutz, the chair of the House Finance Committee, announced on Thursday that the House would be making drastic changes to Kasich’s budget.  This will be interesting, to say the least.

His big hint is that they’ll be removing tax, education, and health care changes from the budget.

Let’s look at the state fiscal impact of various proposals to figure out the impact of removing portions of the proposal.

Note that Medicaid expansion saves $1 billion in the state budget over the next biennium.  We’ll have to pay an extra $1 billion in taxes if Rep. Amstutz […]

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