We did a LOT of research after the Mecklenborg scandal broke. And a good deal of the information is still confusing the hell out of us.

We already know that on April 23rd, 2011, Ohio State Representative Robert Mecklenborg was driving around Indiana with temp tags from Kentucky and a stripper (also from Kentucky) in his car. And according to official state records, he was legally drunk and had viagra in his system at the time. That’s all pretty clear.

But other records related to his official duties back here in Ohio still don’t make a lot of sense.

According to House Journals, Mecklenborg only showed up to vote in Columbus for 4 days in April: the 5th, 6th, 12th and 13th.

But according to records obtained by Plunderbund, he was reimbursed for travel from his home district to Columbus for the weeks of April 3rd through the 16th AND for the week of the 24th through the 30th. While he didn’t ask for reimbursement for the week he was arrested – he did get reimbursed for the following week, even though no votes were taking place.

More interesting is the fact that BMV records show that Mecklenborg’s Ohio driver licence expired on April 1st and he didn’t renew it until the 27th – 5 days after he was arrested in Indiana. Which means he was reimbursed for 18 days of travel from his home near Cincinnati to Columbus during the time his license was expired. And on one of those days he actually parked in the state house garage.

So was he actually in town during the weeks he was reimbursed for travel? And if he was in town, why wasn’t he parking at his office? Was he driving himself to Columbus on an expired license? Was he driving his own car when he parked at the state house garage on the 7th?

Here’s a chart of the events by day:

And here’s a copy of the records mentioned above:

I honestly can’t provide a good answer as to how Mecklenborg was getting around during the time between when his license expired until the day he renewed it by lying on the application. We know he was driving in Indiana on an expired license and with temp plates from Kentucky on his car. We know he was on recess from the house. But what we’re lacking here is a good, solid way to tie everything together.

Can you help?

Put your best ideas about what Meck was doing during April in the comments below. Best, most creative way of typing everything together gets a PB t-shirt from our next batch on me!