GOP Senate Caucus won’t comment on Jordan domestic violence allegation.

From ONN’s Jim Heath:

A conservative Republican, Jordan writes in each of his press releases that he’s a “proven advocate for family values.”

“We’re aware of the situation, but no charges have been filed so we’re not going to comment or speculate,” said GOP senate spokesman John McClelland.

The Jordan’s are on vacation and were unavailable for comment on camera.

There is no word yet on whether Jordan will consider resigning.

Mrs. Jordan was available for comment last night for the Columbus Dispatch.  Now suddenly neither she, nor her husband, are available because they’re “on vacation.”  Don’t you always leave on a Wednesday to go on vacation right when a story like this breaks?

The House GOP was quicker to jump to Mecklenborg’s defense, and I don’t buy for a moment that the Dispatch got ahold of Mrs. Jordan the night before they went on vacation.  It sure doesn’t look like the Senate GOP is exactly circling the wagons for Senator Jordan, huh?

Senator Jordan, your silence is deafening.

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