In typical Kasich fashion, it’s rumored that he’s going to rush through the appointment for the new COO for BWC, possibly scheduling it for Senate confirmation tomorrow.

The rumored appointee is Dale Hamilton who previously worked for the BWC during the big scandal era and who was, according to the Columbus Free Press, involved with a big scandal of his own:

Three years earlier the Ohio Bureau of Workman’s Compensation was caught up in a major scandal. BWC Chief Operating Office Steve Isaac was fired November 7, 1997.

Isaac then sued his former boss, Bureau Chief James Conrad, a longtime Voinovich operative. Isaac alleged he was fired for filing an ethics complaint against Dale Hamilton, the Bureau’s Deputy Administrator for Special Projects. Dale is the son of Phil Hamilton, Governor Voinovich’s Transition Chief and a powerful lobbyist for the then-Governor’s family business, the Voinovich Companies.

Dale’s mother Patricia chaired the important Ohio Board of Personnel Review. Issac claimed that he found documents in a briefcase that Dale Hamilton left in Isaac’s office that “showed that Hamilton had used his inside status at the Bureau and the information to which he had acquired access through administering managed care technology, internal auditing and external consulting for the Bureau, to benefit Hamilton and Associates,” his father’s firm.

Essentially Hamilton was mining BWC data on emergency medical services and other health services and selling the information to Ohio municipalities for a cut of the reimbursements. Conrad threatened to sue the Columbus Alive weekly newspaper for reporting the story. He also threatened a private citizen with a lawsuit within 13 minutes of receiving her email complaining about Isaac’s firing, the Alive later reported. Conrad resigned as BWC Chief on May 27, 2005, as Coingate began to erupt.

Richard G. Ward, Ohio’s Inspector General, released a report on June 19, 1997 after an investigation of the BWC that noted “This experience served to illustrate serious deficiencies in the ability of BWC to objectively identify, analyze and deal with allegations of wrongdoing within the agency.”

Again you have to wonder if Kasich’s people just don’t know how to use Google – or if they just don’t care who they hire.