In the final months of the 2010 gubernatorial campaign, Governor Strickland’s campaign and his allies in education starting warning people in rural districts that a vote for John Kasich was a vote to consolidate your kids local school district out of existence.

And the Kasich campaign called it a totally untrue “smear” designed to scare voters:

“John has never talked about consolidating schools. John has talked about sharing services," Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols told the Toledo Blade on Wednesday.

Kasich, at a campaign stop later that day, noted it was Halloween season and accused the Strickland campaign of making things up to "scare people."

The campaign repeated on Friday that Kasich never made such a claim.

[Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer (Oct. 30, 2010).]

The Kasich campaign denied it even though four members of the Ohio Association of School Business Officials said that Kasich specifically said that he supported consolidation in a meeting before them in September.  Governor Kasich even personally denied that he supported school consolidation.

Remember how after the election, Kasich demanded that the teachers unions needed to take out a full-page ad apologizing for the “false smears” they spread about him during the election?  It was over the unions’ “false” claim that Kasich supported school consolidation that lead him to make that demand:

Kasich said it was wrong for teacher unions to portray him during the campaign as in favor of school consolidation, though, drawing a distinction between consolidation and sharing services. 

Kasich said he had not given consolidation sufficient thought to weigh in on the idea, but would explore it if it made sense. He added that teacher unions would have no access to him until they took out advertisements in the state’s major newspapers to apologize for their criticisms during the campaign.

But as we discussed in March during Kasich’s budget rollout, the Governor again began using language that suggested he was dishonest during the campaign about his position on school district consolidation.

”Do we really need six school districts in Hancock County?”

Kasich said he can only ”take so much on,” but he would like to have Democrats and Republicans do an analysis of local governments and possibly form a ”base-closing” type of commission. (emphasis added.)

[Source: Akron Beacon Journal, (March 16, 2011).

Again the Kasich Administration suggested that the Governor’s own comments was geared solely to local governments, and not local schools.  The Governor only supports school districts sharing services, not actual consolidation, they urged.

Which brings me to today’s headline in the Cincinnati Enquirer:image

Kasich Lied Ohio Gov. John Kasich has called for aggressively studying the first sweeping consolidations of Ohio’s districts since the 1960s, and is about to do something about it.

He has asked the Legislature to create a commission exploring school consolidation, the first Ohio governor in decades to even broach the idea.

In states where there have been consolidations, and in academic studies looking at such proposals, results are a mixed bag.

I know we’ve covered the “John Kasich lied” so much that it seems almost cliché, but that’s only because this has already been one of the most outright dishonest Administration we’ve ever seen in Ohio.  And what’s even more pathetic is that the Enquirer failed to mention at all how Kasich and his closest aides adamantly denied that he supported school consolidation.

Will Governor Kasich take out a full page newspaper ad apologizing to teacher unions for falsely accusing them of lying now?

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  • Love it……

  • I suspect that he should be forced to apologize for a lot more before his time is up. Political ideology has done wonders in Washington now hasn’t it. Ignorance and Apathy; I don’t know and I don’t care were in my opinion the two biggest reasons why we have ideologist who don’t like government or democracy, who refuse to govern in those elected positions. A little money behind a splinter group and there you have it. Time for those who did not vote because of Ignorance and Apathy to be encouraged to do so in the future or face the consequences, or as Johnny has said…get on the bus or it will run you over.

  • He is a liar like most elected R’s. Don’t understand why I have to pay someone’s salary who is trying to steal my money on behalf of the rotten richies. Don’t understand why someone is elected who doesn’t believe in government of all the people.

    Unfortunately, people didn’t vote on our side, and evil continues to flourish in Ohio and DC. R’s have never ever done anything to make me more free, safe, or richer. They have not do not or will not ever work for me.

  • School consolidation takes the spirit out of a community. Kasich is a Republican and is, therefore, a liar.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly. I think that if Kasich tries to bully consolidation into existence, trying to push top-down solutions through punitive actions like loss of funding, it will be a debacle of major proportions, equal to the national joke that is Ohio’s ghastly, money-squandering charter schools, a laughingstock even among charter advocates.

  • leeseh

    I wish the R’s wouldn’t win NW Ohio.  Unfortunately, I think it would take more than losing a few school districts to defeat the Republicans here.   People are so brainwashed here that it is unreal. 

  • Big question. What is it that Kasick has against schools and teachers. It seems that he just hates and I mean hates all of us and every thing schools stand for. Just when Ohio schools and teachers are working hard for improvement from within the profession he comes out and says we are all the worst thing in Ohio. Maybe he needs to go back to Lahmen Bros. Oh I forgot they imploded. And spit him out.

  • I went to a small school. In the 60’s when consolidation was the new thing our small village decided not to consolidate with some other neighboring schools. The residents would rather pay higher taxes to keep our small school. I graduated with 60 other students. Our school was a large building housing K-12. There was one cafeteria with real workers and real food. Not the junk large districts feed the kids that comes in cellophane food I would not even eat. Every one knew everyone. It was a big deal if you were in elementary school and you knew high school students you could say hi to. If you did not behave or was in trouble you did not want the older kids to know and the same went with the older kids. Yet if a little one needed help and an older student was near they helped you. If something happened to you or you were in trouble your parents knew before you even got home. And not often because a teacher or principal called-they did- but because in a small town everyone knows everyone and talks. That can be bad but also good.  The school games, basketball and football was a whole town event. Everyone was there to support everyone else. Today that small school still survives. Large schools are to impersonal. No one knows everyone. You do not go to school with the same 60 kids or so from kindergarten to 12th grade. There is not the same camaraderie . It is easier not to care about others because you do not know them. These small schools are like small private schools. Better then most charter schools that I know. There may be more overhead in a small school district. People in small districts are willing to pay for them. What has this got to do with good old King James.  He needs to keep out of small town’s business and not dictate what he wants them to do. Does he live there? Are the small schools hurting him? no. They are not even hurting the students. In fact I feel in the students tend to get more individual attention when in a small school then in larger schools. Don’t even say they do not get the variety of classes as in a larger school. The larger schools do not even have such a great variety of classes anymore.  So Kasick get your nose out of the consolidation business. You have already made enemies out of the police, firefighters, teachers and other public workers. Now you will have the small towns against you too. Oh I guess in my mind that might just be a good thing.

  • Anonymous

    Consolidation will take away local control from school boards, teachers, and parent groups.  Sounds to me like this is also a way to take more money away from school districts and give it to the poorly performing charter schools.

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