The Dayton Daily News beat us to it, but yet ANOTHER Republican state legislator has had a brush with the law.  Second-term State Representative Jerrod Martin (R-Beavercreek) was cited for Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated (OVI) in Jackson County on Friday.  The good news?  No alleged strippers in the car!

The bad news?

Martin had two kids and two adults as his passengers, [Ohio Highway Patrol spokeswoman Lt. Anne Ralston] said.

He had kids in the car.   Martin, like most of the House GOP caucus, supported soon-to-be former State Representive  Robert Mecklenborg’s bill that would eliminate the alternative forms of identification other than a government-issued photo identification card as proof of identity to cast a ballot.

Martin not only refused to submit to any chemical tests, but he refused field sobriety tests as well, but admitted to having drunk a “few beers” earlier in the day.  As a result of his refusal, State Representative Martin presently has a suspended drivers’ license. 

Martin co-sponsored Mecklenborg’s HB 159 bill, which require a person to be able to present a valid drivers’ license or State I.D. in order to cast a ballot.  It’s ironic that two of the legislators pushing for such a bill are able to cast a vote in the Statehouse for such legislation even though they presently lack the required identification that they as common citizens would need to cast a ballot in an election under their own bill.

Seriously, at what point does John Kasich call a special session to end the recess and keep these Republican lawmakers out of trouble???

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