The Dayton Daily News beat us to it, but yet ANOTHER Republican state legislator has had a brush with the law.  Second-term State Representative Jerrod Martin (R-Beavercreek) was cited for Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated (OVI) in Jackson County on Friday.  The good news?  No alleged strippers in the car!

The bad news?

Martin had two kids and two adults as his passengers, [Ohio Highway Patrol spokeswoman Lt. Anne Ralston] said.

He had kids in the car.   Martin, like most of the House GOP caucus, supported soon-to-be former State Representive  Robert Mecklenborg’s bill that would eliminate the alternative forms of identification other than a government-issued photo identification card as proof of identity to cast a ballot.

Martin not only refused to submit to any chemical tests, but he refused field sobriety tests as well, but admitted to having drunk a “few beers” earlier in the day.  As a result of his refusal, State Representative Martin presently has a suspended drivers’ license. 

Martin co-sponsored Mecklenborg’s HB 159 bill, which require a person to be able to present a valid drivers’ license or State I.D. in order to cast a ballot.  It’s ironic that two of the legislators pushing for such a bill are able to cast a vote in the Statehouse for such legislation even though they presently lack the required identification that they as common citizens would need to cast a ballot in an election under their own bill.

Seriously, at what point does John Kasich call a special session to end the recess and keep these Republican lawmakers out of trouble???

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  • Anonymous

    lets see dashboard video! Typical know-it-all republican, refuses all field tests and breathalyzer.

  • Anonymous

    lets see dashboard video! Typical know-it-all republican, refuses all field tests and breathalyzer.

  • Tomi

    Question — Was this in his car with State Plates? REP XX?

  • Not surprised since one of their mottos is “I am not a crook”.
    Wow, you guys got scooped. I’m shocked. Glad someone else is doing their job for a change.

  • Annekarina

    Go ahead with the motor voter registration law as long as it takes all of these drunken Republican voters off the voter lists.

  • Vel

    The Party of Law & Order and Family Values, the GOP, is on a roll in this state.  We have one guy busted for DUI with a stripper in his Lexus, with an invalid driver’s license and a sketchy registration.  Another Republican behaved in a way that prompted his wife to call 911 (!) , and now we have some buffon possibly driving drunk while kids were in the vehicle, and the trailor he was towing did not have working lights. 

    I’ll say this about them: Instead of harming all Ohio families with their sloppy and wreckless budgets and union-busting laws, their keeping the harm mostly within their own families for a change.  Isn’t that nice?  Well, no, it’s not.  They all suck.   

  • Almiller58

    A while back I attended a town hall meeting held by Jerrod Martin regarding the SB5 bill that  Gov. Kasich recently passed. At the time Jerrod Martin claimed he was still fence sitting on whether he was going to vote in favor of SB5. It was no surprise the citizens of Ohio were outraged at Gov. Kasich’s “Union Busting” SB5 bill and this was made very clear by many of the teachers, firefighters and police officers who attended this town hall meeting. What was surprising though was that the majority of those teachers, firefighters and police officers at this town hall meeting were republicans who voted for Gov. Kasich and Jerrod Martin. There was definitely a feeling of “we are getting screwed” by the republican voters who attended this meeting and it makes me wonder if Jerrod Martin had that same feeling when he was driving along US35 and looked in his rear view mirror and saw those flashing red lights from the Ohio State Patrol as he was getting pulled over and charged with OVI? Oh well…. I guess there is a lot of truth to the ole saying “What goes around, comes around”.

  • dman

    Martin loses his drivers license for a year because he didn’t want to appear shirtless on dash cam video? I highly doubt that is the reason. But that is what Greene County Republican John Broughton said.

  • Deanmartin

    Are you saying that if I get stopped driving plastered, all I have to do is refuse to submit to any test and I can walk?

  • WestParkGuy

    A Dayton-area state lawmaker charged with drunken driving a week ago was found intoxicated and
    passed out on a vehicle in the Riffe Center’s parking garage last year, according to State Highway
    Patrol reports obtained by
    The Dispatch.

    At 1:05 a.m. on March 24, 2010, security at the state office tower, which houses state
    representatives’ offices, called the State Highway Patrol to report a suspicious person in the
    garage. A trooper responded to find an intoxicated Rep. Jarrod Martin leaning on a vehicle,
    breathing but unable to be awaked on repeated attempts, says an incident log.

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