Plunderbund beat every major Ohio paper and news source to the Mecklenborg drunk driving stripper story, the Mecklenborg license application fraud story and the Kris Jordan gun waving domestic violence story.

But I have to give the Dispatch and the Dayton Daily News full credit for kicking our ass on the story about State Rep. Jerrod Martin.

You guys were down two, but you came back BIG TIME.

DDN hit first with a story about Martin being arrested for an OVI with his kids in his car.

The Dispatch hit back this morning, revealing Martin ” was found intoxicated and unresponsive in the House parking garage” and had been “passed out drunk on then-GOP Minority Leader’s William G. Batchelder’s Chevy Suburban.”


They also released the dashcam video of Martin’s arrest (see below).

Not to be outdone, DDN’s Laura Bischoff powered back into tying position with this great piece of investigative reporting:

On May 16, 2010, the night manager at the Residence Inn in Beavercreek called police about guests yelling and fighting on the fifth floor at 4:30 a.m. Officers found Martin and six other men “highly intoxicated” at a bachelor party. The men said they weren’t fighting; just having a “friendly wrestling match in their hotel room,” a Beavercreek police report said.

Martin’s parents were called to pick up the men and their belongings

I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the fact that one of the men responsible for the legislative future of our great state was arrested for having a friendly drunken wrestling match at a Residence Inn – or that he had to call his mom and dad to pick him up.

Right now I’m going to call the Dispatch/DDN match 2-all. And that may be where we stop. But I really hope this lesson sparks a full-on, investigate reporting competition between Ohio’s papers.

Welcome back, serious, in-depth, investigative reporting!

We all missed you.