We’re pleased to announce that we’ve recently partnered with Wellstone Action to enhance their upcoming progressive training in Columbus, Ohio on August 12-14.  More information about the camp at that link or you can download a pdf brochure.

Here’s the punchline:

2 PB scholarships to attend the training ($200 value each)

Plunderbund is sponsoring two scholarships to attend Camp Wellstone Ohio for free.  Whether you’re interested in becoming a better citizen activist, learn how to be on a political campaign, or even run for office yourself, Wellstone Action is the way to do it!  Based on the late Senator Paul Wellstone’s model, this weekend of training will leave you ready to take on any of those challenges.

We at Plunderbund are big on political rhetoric (duh), but we’re also big on digging in and getting the dirty work done too!  You’ll find many of us working on campaigns, canvassing neighborhoods, manning phone banks, and many of our friends in the blogosphere have even run for office (and WON!).  We want to make this available to as many people as possible.  If you are interested in going and are able to pay your way we encourage you to do so.  If you want to go but need some help – or just like winning stuff – we’re happy to enable two readers to attend this great event on us.

So here’s the deal.  Write a post telling us why you want to:

  • Learn how to organize and be a better activist
  • Learn how to work on a campaign
  • Learn how to become a candidate for local office

We’ll collect them and pick the top 5*.  We’ll publish your posts and let our readership (and your friends and family) vote on the best ones.  The top two attend the camp on us!  Easy, right**?

We’re going to be doing some other cool stuff around the camp as well.  Some of us will be there at the invitation of Wellstone Action to take photos, blog, tweet, facebook, and shoot video at the event.

To put the final Plunderbund stamp on the event, we’re going to be hosting an after-session “Pints with PB” event on Saturday night after the last session.  Details to follow.

Safe to say it’s going to be some fantastic training and one hell of a good time.  We promise.

Send entries to crew@plunderbund.com with subject:  Wellstone Entry


* All in the top 5 get a free Plunderbund tee shirt
** We’ll announce the winners on August 5th

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  • Anonymous

    Wonderful!  Senator Paul Wellstone’s legacy lives on and what a legacy.  Plunderbund’s partnership with Camp Wellstone is a real feather in the cap!

  • I am so upset…I have a wedding that weekend and it’s my mama’s birthday!  Have fun without me, I will be there in spirit!!

  • I am so upset…I have a wedding that weekend and it’s my mama’s birthday!  Have fun without me, I will be there in spirit!!

  • dlw

    Totally unrelated: anyone have an email address for Stivers? His house.gov site is down and Google isn’t finding anything for me (other than his election campaign site, which is still up).

  • Adrienne

    Thanks Eric.

  • That still shouldn’t stop you from submitting a post!

    It isn’t very often we offer FREE Plunderbund t-shirts!

  • Daria

    I’m already attending Camp Wellstone, but I’d love to join PB for beers after the last Saturday session. 

  • dirtgirl

    try his chief of staff: marybeth.carozza@mail.house.gov or his district rep: grant.shaffer@mail.house.gov

  • dirtgirl

    damn, as soon as I post, I found the actual email address for Stivers (thanks Google!): stivers.oh15@mail.house.gov

  • Look forward to meeting you Daria!  Details coming…

  • You’re welcome.  Thanks for all your contributions to the site in comments. 

  • dlw

     Thank you!! Don’t know how I missed that… should have been able to construct it anyway. Oy. Maybe next time I should take a few deep breaths and chill first. lol

  • dman
  • leeseh

    I read the same thing last night on what looks to be a more reliable site. 

  • Tracilarway

    I’m attending already… Let me know about the pints!

  • Thanks for info

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